Month: October 2017


The Zebra Cowl Neck Shirt – McCall’s 6841

This is the shirt I affectionately refer to as my zebra shirt. Based on the black and white striping, I could just have easily called it my jail bird shirt too, I suppose. But zebra it was deemed. I made this shirt in early August 2016. That means I had …

Garment Labels & Beginner Resources

Sometimes when you’ve finished a project—or even in the middle of making it!—it can be hard to tell which is the front from the back. You rarely have to worry about this when you buy clothes at the store, so it wasn’t really something I thought about at first. Once …

One Pattern, One Week???

I wish I’d watched Lindsey’s October plans video before I published my own. I’m a huge fan of Inside the Hem and have scuttled my plans before based on Lindsey’s videos. She reminded me of One Week, One Pattern and now I want to do that, too! What is #OWOP17? …

Spanish Loretta

Sometime over the summer I decided that what my wardrobe needed most was tops. Easy ones. I’d had a run of projects that didn’t work out, stuff that was fitted and needed special attention in the boobs, in the short waistness, in the everywhere. I was out of patience and …

Oct17 Sewing Plans

It’s nearly the middle of October and so far I have done zero sewing. This is pretty unusual for me because I normally power through at least a few or seven things a month. But it’s also been a bit unusual ’round Petite Font HQ. At the end of September, …