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Sometimes when you’ve finished a project—or even in the middle of making it!—it can be hard to tell which is the front from the back. You rarely have to worry about this when you buy clothes at the store, so it wasn’t really something I thought about at first.

Once I started getting more serious about garment sewing, I ordered these labels from the Dutch Label Company. A lot of bloggers and Instagrammers had raved about their quality and pricing, so I jumped on board.

They are super easy to design, with a bunch of templates and font options. (Admittedly mine are a little boring, but maybe next time I’ll add a cute graphic or logo.) And shipping was quick, too!

This morning I received their Snippets newsletter and in it were a bunch of really great articles, especially for a beginner! I wish I had paid more attention to this info when I first dived into sewing, so in an effort to keep anybody else from making that same mistake, here are some basic articles to get sewing newbies started:

A Beginner’s Glossary

The Difference Between Knit and Woven Fabrics

More of their Tips, Tricks & Tutorials can also be found on their blog.

The only affiliation that I have with Dutch Label Company is as a customer. I’m writing about this today simply because I feel they have great resources, products, and customer service!

My labels are the Basic Woven Labels in grey with a white back and off-white font. I wanted something whimsical that I could use in both dark and light garments, so grey seemed like a good compromise (18% grey for you photog nerds!). For a 50 piece order, I paid $20 plus $5 shipping. That per-item price obviously decreases with larger orders, and you can even order fewer than 50. Between that and their plethora of colors and designs, your options are nearly endless. You can even order free samples!

I highly recommend them for any garment tags or even hang tags for your products. As a customer, you can rack up points towards future orders.

Do you have newbie questions? What were your missteps when you first started sewing? What would you do over if you’d known better?

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