Nov17 Sewing Plans

It’s FINALLY getting chilly in LA. Temps will remain in the mid- to low-60s down here in the South Bay for at least the next week. This is about as cold as it gets, but the summer dragged on and on and on, so it’s nice to get down to “sweater weather.”

I know, mid-60s is veritable summer temps for some of you. I recognize how spoiled I am. I accept this burden.

That being said though, there are some nights when a good chunky sweater is needed. I’ve been working on a thick black Saunio Cardigan since last March…shelved in May because the weather finally turned hot, after a few false starts. But the material is prone to stretching, so I’m not even sure it’s worth finishing it. All I have left to do is sew the facing and hem. But I just tried it on and the sleeves are strangely tight. But the weight is just right for the slight chill in my house, so we’ll see how long this remains a work-in-progress (WIP).

I already have three of these, but none of them are particularly warm and cozy.


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Later this month is the One Week, One Pattern challenge which I wrote about possibly participating in. I’m torn between wanting to do it and the inertia brought on by the thought of making that many clothes. Of course it doesn’t require seven separate makes, just one pattern styled seven different ways. So maybe I can get away with three to four makes and jazz them up. I have to review my fabric stash and see how much in the way of knits I actually have on hand. Though the possibility of fabric shopping always perks me right up!

Also, I’ve had my eye on a lovely light grey mid-weight sweater knit at Joann’s. I saw it the same day the Bat Dress fabric “spoke” to me. It was also begging to come home with me, but at the time the temperature in this area was hovering over 90 degrees, which isn’t only crazy unusual for the beach community, it’s just plain nasty. Period. So I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a sweater knit. Now is a different story…

#sewmystyle’s project for this month is the By Hand London Anna Dress. I’m just at the top end of the measurements range, but I bought the pattern anyway. Whether or not I’ll actually make it is a different story. I’m not sure what fabric would work (that’s already in my stash), and where or when I would actually wear it. It’s a maybe.

So what sweaters might I make? Any of these has potential:

Clockwise moving from top left:


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  • New Look 6475: not really a sweater but I saw a faux rabbit fur I am loving for this. Can you imagine? A fur cape! Rockin’ that Game of Thrones vibe, and hard.
  • Simplicity 8089: I’m partial to View A with the banded waist. This is also eerily similar to Kwik Sew 3720, or am I the only one who thinks that?
  • New Look 6529: I’d make View B exactly as they have it styled too (I like pink), but not with the high-low hem. At least not as exaggerated in length.
  • Made It Pattern’s The Drop Set: the top version in something light and fluid
  • McCall’s 7660: I love both the View F v-neck and View B mock turtleneck, and I really like the idea of this in a bouclé.
  • New Look 6150: this one reminds me of the Itch to Stitch Brasov because of the color used for the model, but I do love me a nice crossover top.
Which one, two, or three will be the winner? Oh, the Seamwork Sadie just came out too. Decisions, decisions!
I think a trip to the fabric store for knits is in order. I can let the fabric decide what it wants to be!
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