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Oct17 Recap

I never actually believed I’d be able to power through all of my want-to-makes for October, but the act of making my plans public did actually help me accomplish three of them. Plus, it’s good to have smart goals.

    1. I finally finished my mom’s floral Loretta. Pictures will be fortcoming.


    1. My husband is now the proud owner of a pair of Jalie men’s underwear (Jalie 3242). This is the only picture I’m likely to get out of it, though.


    1. And I did get around to one of the 21 patterns for me: the Simplicity 8091A.


And since all the projects were almost 100% successful, I’m pretty happy with the turnout. Quality over quantity.

But why only 3 finished makes? Well, in addition to starting this here blog, this month my brother Erik and I also launched a beer-centric YouTube channel: Beerocrats TV!

It turns out that shooting and editing is incredibly time consuming. In a previous life I was a photographer, and I despised the painfully protracted post-shooting process. It’s part of why I gave it up—also all of my camera equipment was stolen.

Yet, here I am back again! I also know nothing about moving pictures and movie editing, so it’s been a learning process. With a steep curve!

The social media aspect of growing a channel is also time consuming, but luckily my brother is good at this.

If only he could also help me sew…

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Rosalba Fontanez
Rosalba Fontanez
Nov 3, 2017 2:15 am

I can picture Erik Sewing!