2018 #MenswearMakeNine Plans

Allow me to introduce you to El Husbando.

Having a husband is nice. Having one that willing wears everything his wife makes for him is even better.

He’s such a willing guinea pig!

When I found out about Allie’s #menswearmakenine pledge, I asked him what he wanted. He’s a software developer, and lives in the typical programmer uniform of jeans, t-shirts, and the occasional hoodie. But he also has a whole closet full of nice button downs he rarely wears. So we talked about supplementing what’s already there and updating some of the older items.

To that end, he is getting more of what he likes: henley, polo shirts, and cargo shorts. I know many people hate cargo shorts but I don’t. All those pockets are fully functional! And he wears ones that fit, not the oversized diaper look like some men. And if him wearing that means I don’t need to carry a purse, we both win!

Potentials for these include the Seamwork Eugene

and the Jalie 3137

I’m still on the lookout for a good cargo shorts pattern. I guess it’s as easy as slapping additional patch pockets on a pair of regular shorts, but it would be nice to start with a pattern that has all those details already scaled properly. I’m sure a pattern will pop up when the spring/summer collections are released.

His office is super cold (trillions of computers running all the time need to be cooled, right?) so he’s also asked for more long sleeved shirts and maybe even a sweater. I like the shawl collar on the Thread Theory Finlayson.

His beloved sweat pants are too baggy so I’m going to make him a more fitted pair–at his own request. Simplicity 8268 will fill this nicely.

To add to his me made short-sleeved collection, I’m also considering the bowling shirt look in McCalls 7206. We’ll see how he feels about color blocking.

He also wants a vintage style smoking jacket. He likes the occasional cigar, but that smell then follows him back in the house. Because he has longer hair, it gets trapped there too. So a smoking jacket will be a nice addition, though finding the appropriate pattern and velvet will be challenging fun. Maybe something like this?

Have I mentioned I’ve never made a jacket before? The Paris jacket will probably have to come first, because of the aforementioned haunting and all. No pressure, though.

When looking for men’s patterns, I came across the Vogue 8869 hat pattern. He looks great in a fedora, so he’s getting another one of those. And hat making is going to be a nice and unexpected challenge!

Finally, when I jokingly showed him a lederhosen pattern (BurdaStyle 7290, apparently no longer available through Burda themselves?), HE ACTUALLY AGREED! I never in a million years would have bet on him acquiescing to that. But he mentioned that we went to a number of Oktoberfest celebrations this year (I even won Ms. Oktoberfest at one!), so why not? We also run a beer-centric YouTube channel, so it makes sense…obviously I will have to make a dirndl as well!

Let’s make sure I can actually get my hands on that BurdaStyle pattern first though!

The working grid for this plan is below, updated as we decide on patterns! That black spot is the smoking jacket…

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