Dec17 Plans

Guise!!! It’s DECEMBER! The year is almost over. I have a credit card that expires in January 2018 and I thought that was forever away. It isn’t. It’s almost NOW.

Oh geez. This is where I start thinking, “where the hell did the year go?” I’m kind of glad to see this year end, but also kind of sad. I really like the number 7, and enjoyed writing the year out whenever possible. And El Husbando and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this year. You only get one of those, right?

Actually we get two since we got married twice! But that’s a different story.

It was also a year of many personal firsts. I quit my job, started a YouTube channel, actually achieved my annual New Year’s resolution to lose weight AND keep it off, and generally focused on my creative needs. In fact, my main goal for 2017 was to FOCUS. And I did. Ha, I did a thing!

So what’s on tap sewing-wise for the last month of the year?

There are still several patterns queued up from November per this IG post:

I even already have fabric designated for at least three of these. And for a fourth, the New Look 6475, I desperately want to make this out of faux rabbit fur I found at Joann’s for a steal at $7 per yard, but the one time I tried buying it, it was a yard short of the needed amount. I was so sad.

I also really want to try my hand at pants. On the last day of #bpsewvember when the theme was 2018, my post was about pants. I WILL make pants next year, that’s for damn sure, but I also really want a pair of pajama pants and NOW.

I made the Sew Caroline Boardwalk Shorts from her book earlier this year, and the crotch was too low, so I fixed it. I have yet to remake them to test it out, but that would be really easy to convert to comfy pants by simply adding a foot or two. That was my original plan but then I got my hands on Simplicity 8268, which are unisex so I could knock out some pj pants for the hubby too. So many wins, provided the pattern works.

Oh, and then my husband asked me to make him a holder for all of his various beer brewing paraphernalia. I made myself a ruler holder out of some stiff canvas, and he thinks that same idea could be applied to what he wants. That obviously has to be moved to a top priority since it was requested as a Xmas gift. So, no pressure or anything.

After all this, I’ll probably just end up making a bunch of random shirts. Because, of course.

OOOOOH!! And I forgot, I need a dress for Xmas and parties and stuff. So at least one of those should be made. Which pattern to use?!?!

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