Nov17 Recap

Well, aren’t we glad that’s finally over?

And by “that,” I mean the waiting on Thanksgiving so that Christmas decorations don’t seem so obscene.

I’m a firm believer in all holidays having their scheduled time, so I refuse to decorate for the December holidays until after Thanksgiving. Plus, we live in a desert, so getting a tree and keeping it alive until the end of December is merely an exercise in frustration. So we got a tree on November 30th and it’s all of 21″ tall. It’s so tiny that we can’t hang any of our usual ornaments on it. I had to get teeny tiny ornaments to avoid breaking all the branches. But it’s a living tree, so hopefully we can keep it alive for another trip around the sun.

But this is mostly a sewing blog, not a decorating recap blog, so what did I make this November?

Well there were the FIVE One Hour Top hacks I recapped for #OWOP17. But I also managed to make two other tops!

These are still unblogged, because, you know, life.

The first was a red floral liverpool. I adore this fabric, but the two things I’ve made from it have not been terribly successful. The first was a princess seams dress, and that was simply too ambitious for a newbie sewist and also an unnecessary waste of knit fabric. Behold:

The second make was a New Look 6816 and even though it looks nice—and I got a compliment from another woman at a beer tasting I wore it too—it doesn’t fit very well. Obviously that doesn’t stop me from wearing it, though.

You can see it in three episodes of Beerocrats!

My other make was better but not a hundo-percenter. It’s a v-neck sweater from McCall’s 7660  as seen here:

Unfortunately I stretched the fabric while making it, so the sleeves are really wide. I could almost call them bell sleeves, but not quite. I will also still wear it because it’s in this great dusty lavender color and that’s a needed addition to my wardrobe.

The fabric is one of these:

And that’s it for the month! Being so hyperfocused on the One Week, One Pattern contest made for some interesting results. Not sure I want to do that again. I could try to spend 2018 trying to create for this more organically, instead of trying to cram seven new outfits out of one month. Or probably not, if I know myself.

I STILL haven’t gotten around to finishing my last Saunio, and the weather really is demanding a heavier sweater. Why am I avoiding this???? Can someone else just do it for me? Pretty please?

Ok, maybe next month…

Finally, I would really like to finish cataloging my pattern stash. That’s probably the most easily accessible goal, so let’s see if I can actually accomplish it.

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