I Got a New Toy!

I treated myself recently after winning my fantasy football league. Free money is fun money.

The Brother 1034D is apparently the go-to starter serger (or overlocker, if you’re from one of the fancy countries with a cool accent), but I also found that the upgraded Brother 1034DX is available, too. However it’s an extra $80 for what is essentially a change of knob locations. No thanks.

I did take a little trip to my local sewing store, where they had a used Babylock Triumph on sale—for $2500. I about died. There is no way I could justify spending that much money on a machine, even though I recognize that it would be an investment rather than a mere purchase. But I only won a couple hundred dollars, not a few thousand!
So I bought myself the the OG Brother version…and that’s it. I haven’t used it yet. I barely took it out of the box to take these photos. It’s not that I’m necessarily scared to use it…but yeah, there’s some trepidation.
I mean, I also have two other projects to complete before I technically need it, but one needs to practice, right?
I plan to make my husband the Simplicity 8268 joggers per my #menswearmakenine plans. I’ve never made pants before, much less for a man. So now I’ve tripled my difficulty level!
I’m pretty sure this is going to revolutionize my sewing, though. Everyone says a serger is an absolute game changer, yes?
Here’s an aerial view. It’s a lot smaller than I expected (though HEAVY), and I even splurged for the carrying case so that I’d be able to store it in something.
It comes pre-threaded with these cute helicopter spool thingies atop different colored spools.
I’m pretty certain that’s the correct technical term for it, helicopter spool thing. Also included is a little piece of serged cloth. I guess that’s so you can tell which color does what.
Is this the front?
Or is this the front?
I’m sure I’ll find out as soon as I find the balls time to play with it.
Anyway, before I make those joggers (or sweatpants, if you’re not fancy), I think I’m going to practice on something for me. Something with as few seams as possible and with which I can use these multi-colored spools. I’m thinking a knit version of the Larchmont tee, which I hadn’t previously intended to make but then Project Sew It came across my radar and this month’s theme is tees. So there you go.
What was your first serged make?


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