Jan17 Fabric Haul

I realized as I was writing my fur cape post, that my visits to the downtown Los Angeles Fashion District are becoming more regular. Shocking, I know.

It’s usually a full afternoon of my mom and I traipsing around Maple St, oohing and aahing over the array of beautiful fabrics. I actually really love just admiring the silks over at Michael Levine.

But now that I have a multitude of plans, my visits are more focused. This last visit I didn’t even go to the Michael Levine Loft, where fabric is sold by the pound. Because by the time I had finished at the regular Michael Levine, I had already bought everything I needed. I didn’t even want to window shop!

Crazy, I know!

We settled for bacon-wrapped hot dogs instead. This street dog is the official food of Los Angeles and one of the best parts of shopping there.

My new approach (and behavioral tool) for braving the Fashion District is to only take as much money in cash as I’m willing to spend, and enough bags to carry it all. Once the money is spent or the bag is full, I’m done! That worked this time around, at least. I had $50 cash and 1 large reusable grocery bag.

Some of what I came home with:

From left to right: a red fleece with decorated with sugar skulls, red double knit with a strange diamond or leopard spots brocade pattern, pink floral scuba, purple floral liverpool, red stretch taffeta. Not pictured, the red taffeta lining that went into the fur cape.

I forgot to pick up frog closures for my cape when I was there, so then I had to hit the local Joann’s for them. While there, I decided to take advantage of their 70% off anti-pill fleece sale and got two solids: eggplant purple and chocolate brown.

And what to make with them? Most of the plans for the month are already fabricked (my new word meaning a fabric has been chosen for that pattern), but I wanted options for more #sigcotm red clothing this month.

I know for certain the sugar skull fleece will be pants, likely Simplicity 8268 since I’m making those for my husband. Might as well knock out both at the same time!

The other option is it can be the muslin for my SWAP lounge pants, New Look 6399. Which would also satisfy my pledge for #makeamuslinchallenge. Hmm, things to think about…or maybe the purple fleece will make a good muslin for those pants…?

The red brocade knit is interesting. It has the heft of a double knit, with a weird repeating pattern in it. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen something like it, which is part of what I love about fabric shopping downtown: discovering new fabrics!

My idea for this fabric is to improve upon my yet unblogged #sewmystyle Sunny dress. I’m not really a fan of that pattern except for the hem, which I kind of want to recreate in McCalls 6886.

The scuba is a wild card. I just loved the big flowers. I’m thinking dress, but I don’t know yet what pattern would do it justice. Any ideas?

The purple liverpool is in preparation of February’s signature color, amethyst. I made what turned out to be a muslin of my SWAP yoga skirt, Simplicity 1616, and this could work for that. And then it could suffice as one of the prints for the SWAP, too!

I love smashing two birds with one stone. I mean, not literally…

The purple fleece is also for Project Amethyst next month. If it’s not the pants from above, then maybe a casual jacket.

And finally , the brown fleece is for El Husbando, probably for his Finlayson. He picked the color, and I only bought enough to make the one sweater, so hopefully I don’t screw it up on the serger!

All of that cost about $60. I spent the $50 cash downtown then another $10 at Joann’s. From that, I’ll get at least 6 garments and maybe 3 or 4 more, which is pretty damn good!

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