Jan18 Plans

Happy New Year! I always love the beginning of the year. It feels like the ultimate reset. Everyone is starting something new. Whatever that thing is for each of us individually, we’re all in it together.

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I met my husband in January, right after New Year’s. At a bar, as all good love stories start. Today marks 5 years since that fateful night.
We call it our “meetiversary” and always celebrate by returning to that same bar and sitting in the same bar stools. One time, a new couple took our seats as we were leaving. It was their first date. We told them our story and wished them good luck. Who knows, maybe they’re married now too! Those stools are magical.

But back to the big ol’ plans for the month. January’s #sigcotm is garnet which can be interpreted as just about any red shade. So that is the guiding color for open choices this month.

The #sewmystyle pattern for the month is the Sunny Dress from Friday Pattern Company. I sneakily finished that up before NYE so I could wear it on our meetiversary date—AND it’s a #sigcotm-inspired burgundy dress. Yay for accomplishing my own challege!

I’ll post the Sunny reveal at the end of the month, per the rules.

I want to knock out 2-3 garments from SWAP 2018. Those will likely be the skirt and cardigan (Simplicity 1616C and 1668E, respectively) since those are both knits and the easiest to make.

This stable light green knit should be pretty easy to work with as well. Though I also have a bluvender matte jersey that will work for the skirt as well. But February’s #sigcotm is purple, so maybe I’ll wait on the purple shades till then…

I’m also considering some additional challenges, to keep it interesting. There’s some intersection between the 52 Weeks Sewing Challenge and Sew Alongs and Sewing Contests this month, so it could be doable.

The themes for January in the 52 Weeks Sewing Challenge are:

  • Week 1: Sew something warm/soft
  • Week 2: Sew from the last fabric you’ve purchased
  • Week 3: Sew something to make sewing easier
  • Week 4: Sew something for a boy

At Sew Alongs and Sewing Contests this month’s theme is Coats, Capes, and Cardigans. And wouldn’t you know it, I have two capes and a cardigan that I could make for that! The two capes could also satisfy the first 2 weeks above:

The blue plaid is actually muslin fabric for both capes, but if it works out, I’m thinking of a red fleece (or fur?!) for New Look 6479, which fulfills #sigcotm too! It’ll be my something warm for Week 1.

How delicious does that fur with New Look 6475 look? It’s faux rabbit and I CANNOT wait to use it!! I first saw it 3 months ago and waited until after Christmas to gift it to myself. It was worth the wait! And was always destined to be used for this pattern. It will be my Game of Thrones cape! It’s also technically the very last fabric I bought, so that’s a Week 2 idea.

And the SWAP cardigan above also applies. So basically, I just have to power through those 3 makes!

For Weeks 3 and 4, I also already have ideas but I don’t know that I can actually get to them with everything else on my plate. If I do, one will be a sewing machine mat/organizer and the other will be joggers for my husband’s #menswearmakenine. Though since #CurvyYearofSewing‘s January-February theme is pants and trousers, his make might have to wait.

Oh, and lest I forget: there’s also the ReSEWlution Month sewing theme for The Monthly Stitch! This one is designed based around your personal resolutions, whatever they may be, so wide interpretation is possible. My real resolution is to drink more IPAs so I can force myself to like them, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with sewing, does it? (It’s from my other life, as a beer enthusiast…see below).

I do want to sew as much as humanly possible, so I guess just powering through this list will fulfill that prompt!

Sew many options, sew little time.

I also have to edit 3 episodes of Beerocrats TV, and then research AND shoot the next 3 eps, so that’s about a week’s worth of time away from sewing. I’ll need to budget my time accordingly!

Life, so demanding!

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