Feb18 #SigCOTM Inspiration: Amethyst

This month I wanted to take a deeper dive into why I’m doing a color-focused project.

I’m the type of person who eats with her eyes. If something looks appealing, I WANT! And by “eat” I mean “consume.” Whether it be food or fabric, beautiful things call to me.

And if you have ever been inside a fabric store, with so many gorgeous colors and textures seducing your senses, then you now what I mean.

In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, I thought sticking to a color theme would help narrow my focus. It certainly doesn’t hurt that my favorite colors are red and purple, and those were the first two colors of the year. I didn’t even realize it when I decided on the signature color of the month concept, but it certainly has been a way to ease into this.

Has it worked? Well so far, so good. When it came time to choose the fabric for the January projects (#sewmystyle Sunny dress, the lining for my fur cape, the sugar skull joggers, and the “coffee” dress for #dayandnightdresschallenge), I easily stuck with different shades of red. Again, it’s my favorite color. But it also worked for each of those projects.

And as far as getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices in stores, yes it definitely has helped! That doesn’t mean I’m not looking at everything else, but trying to stick to a single color when hunting for fabrics has opened me up to looking at textures, fiber content, and so on. Though one of my favorite things to do is look at a fabric that doesn’t fit the current color month and mentally pin it to the future. My mom and I will wander through the nirvana that is the fashion district saying things like,”Peridot! Ok, we’ll come back for that in July [to make in August].” Will it still be there? Maybe or maybe not, but at least I’m not just buying fabric on a whim.

And if it’s not there, I guarantee that something equally beautiful will be.

So when we were shopping last week for our monthly fabric haul, I tried really hard to put all this into practice. I came away with this:

Not all of them are purple, or even red. But that’s okay! Baby steps.

In the top picture, I found purple athletic double knit for leggings, thinner athletic knit for more leggings (and maybe undies), a super soft heathered red knit for a T-neck, and a random red/black/white print that was only a dollar a yard so why not (this is the exact behavior I’m trying to curb. Again, baby steps!).

The second picture is wildly different. The abstract coral will be my #2018makenine wrap dress. It was screaming wrap dress the moment I laid eyes on it. It doesn’t fit ANY #sigcotm category, and that’s also okay. I’m not looking to punish myself with this project, just trying to narrow my focus when possible. The oatmeal knit is another curve ball but my mom chose it for a Circle Cardigan she requested, much to my delight. The aquamarine floral is for a March project TBD (it’s that month’s signature color) and finally the purple taffeta will be made into my “cocktail” dress for the #dayandnightdresschallenge.

I’m also always on the hunt for fabrics that fit within my 2018 SWAP capsule color scheme. Lavender is a shade of purple so expect to see a lot of that coming this month!

For more color inspiration, check out the amethyst February mood board I put together.

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