Jan18 Recap

I gave myself some lofty goals for January. I was super excited for the new year, and that added to my ambitions.

And I’m proud to say I’ve met most of my goals!

The plans were:

    1. SWAP cardigan and skirt: Accomplished…but they both turned into non-wearable muslins due to all kinds of issues. I actually made the cardigan TWICE. Both suck. Sadz. And also this happened while trying to serge the cardi:


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      But I ALSO snuck in another muslin and a finished version of the vintage blouse! FINALLY! For something with a whole TWO seams, this one was pretty challenging. Post coming soon.

    2.  The 52 Week Challenges were
      1. Week 1- Sew something warm/soft: accomplished! The blue plaid cape tested my pattern matching skills.
      2. Week 2 – Sew from the last fabric you’ve purchased: accomplished! That fur cape is delicious. And so very Game of Thrones-y.
      3. Week 3 – Sew something to make sewing easier: accomplished! I made a sewing mat/organizer from the leftover faux leather I used for El Husbando’s Xmas gift.
      4. Week 4 – Sew something for a boy: accomplished! Ryan got some joggers. Sexy.
      5. Week 5 – Sew something from a new pattern: accomplished! Trying to decide if this is going to be a new red dress or the Finlayson I actually completed on Feb 2…
    3. Sew Alongs: accomplished! Well at least two out of three ain’t bad. I entered both capes into the January contest. The cardi couldn’t be submitted because it sucked. See above.
    4. #MenswearMakeNine: accomplished! Ryan got his joggers—yay for double duty wins! Check out that fabulous serging!


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That right there is 10 makes. But I also quickly sewed up bunch of other stuff:
  • Another pair of the Sew Caroline Boardwalk Shorts. They’re a muslin because they’re out of the same awful scratchy wool as the blue plaid cape, and I just wanted to test the changes I made to the crotch, but this didn’t work out. I can’t find the damn seam allowance information Caroline confirmed on Instagram that the seam allowance is indeed 1/2″ and I thought I sewed it up at 1/2″ but they’re actually bigger than my last pair, so I don’t know what the hell to do about them.
  • My own joggers/circus pants in red sugar skull fleece. So warm! Also my first #curvyyearofsewing make.
  • The muslin for another SWAP pattern, the cigarette pants. These made it into the #makeamuslinchallenge but damn do I have a lot of work to do on those.
All told that’s 13 pieces! I wasn’t even that productive last November when I sewed up all One Hour Top hacks for #OWOP17. This is probably my best sewing month ever.

On top of that, I was able to put together three entire episodes of Beerocrats TV! Two are in the can, and one will go up next week. Unfortunately, I only wore one me made item in all of those episodes:

That’s the Loretta top featured in our Beerqa Vol 1 episode! My new goal is going to be to maximize my me made wardrobe for that, so I best get to making more tops!

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