Adding Petite Stitchery Thumbhole Cuffs to All the Things

Petite Stitchery Thumbhole Hack

Remember my awesome Circle Cardi? Well, because the sleeves were so long, I decided to play up that feature and add thumbhole cuffs to them instead.

I have a RTW hoodie tee with thumbhole cuffs and I love it. They’re completely impractical, but so what?


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The pattern I used was the thumbhole cuff from Petite Stitchery, which is free if you’re a member of the Facebook group. If not, it’s $5 (afflink). But you should just join the group.

Anyway, the pattern is sized for Petite Stitchery’s own sleeves, but the difference is a mere 1/8″ between sizes so you can’t really go wrong with a size. I chose the large because that’s the size my Circle Cardi is and I figured there couldn’t be that much of a size difference between the two companies.

It’s great when patterns from different companies play nicely together!

I cut and made the cuffs (with fabulous YouTube tutorial) before deciding how much to cut off the sleeves. The dangled almost all the way to my thumbnail, so I figured removing about 3″ of length would be perfect, given the dimensions of the cuff.

The hem on my cardigan sleeves was 1/2″, which I tried to unpick but got frustrated and decided to just cut off 2.5″ and give myself an extra 1/2″ for the seam allowance.

I basted the cuffs on the shortened sleeves and originally lined the thumbhole up with the sleeve seam. This is how my RTW tee is made, but that didn’t work for this pattern. The sleeve seam runs to the middle of the wrist, so the cuff forced an uncomfortable twist. I reattached and offset one by 2″ to the inside of the wrist and the other by 3″. The 3″ offset was the winner so I serged both on and voila!


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Turns out removing the 2.5″ was just a tad too much. I could really use another 1/2″ of length to keep the cuffs from sliding along my thumb webbing. It’s not super uncomfortable, but definitely something to keep in mind for next time.

All this took about 30 minutes from printing (it’s merely 1 sheet!), to cutting the fabric, sewing it up, basting to test the thumbhole placement and finally serging together. I did watch the YouTube tutorial twice before I started though, and once while actually sewing the cuffs together, just so I wouldn’t mess it up. The way the cuff is sewn together is actually a little tricky and took a minute to wrap my head around it but then it totally worked!

This is a pretty cute addition to the sweater and it’s nice to know I’ll be able to add cuffs to anything else I want in the future!


I also submitted this for the #breakingground2018/Sew Alongs challenge because I’ve never made these types of cuffs and it’s also my first time using a Petite Stitchery pattern. But with a name like that, it likely will not be the last.

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