Feb18 Recap

For the second month in a row, I feel like I spent ALL OF MY FREE TIME at the sewing machine. I have finally started forcing myself to take an hour long lunch break and just stop completely once my husband gets home from work. I don’t know when I became so ambitious about productivity, but it began bordering on obsessive and it felt like I never left the house, so I’m taking a little break in March.

That being said, I was exceptionally productive and even hit most of the goals I outlined in my Feb18 Plans post. To wit:

    • #dayandnightdresschallenge: made a purple Seamwork Kenedy in less than one day (it’s very quick!) for the cocktail portion. Blog post forthcoming.
    • Sew Along on Facebook: the theme was intimates. I made a bluvender set of undergarments. Stretched out total fail undergarments, that is. See the upcycling pic below.
    • #menswearmakenine: Ryan got his Finlayson!
    • MAGAM Sewalong: the Kenedy worked for this, too. February’s theme was “feature” and this dress features a cute bow in the back.
    • Chambray Blues Sew Along: nope, didn’t make this dress. Don’t feel bad about it.
    • #2018SVE: my secret valentine received her gift and seemed to like it! It’s the Pattydoo Susie pouch made in contrasting blue and white fabric printed with cute cats wearing top hats! She is a quilter, so I added some quilting fabric in her favorite color (turquoise) and some quilting needles. I lined the inside with a black & white quilting cotton featuring the Eiffel Tower, since she also likes Paris.
    • 52 Weeks of Sewing: I submitted something each week, but went “rogue” on 2 of them.
      • Week 6 – Sew something Red or Pink: My Franken hack worked out for this.
      • Week 7 – Sew something with hearts: I made my red turtleneck instead.
      • Week 8 – Sew something upcycled: I took the failed purple version of my SWAP yoga band skirt and upcycled it into the Seamwork Dana set, from the SAL above. They stretched out ridiculously so the fabric remains unwearable. Oh well.
    • Week 9 – Sew something with buttons: Nope, my Kenedy with a bow got the honor instead.
  • #sew100in2018: Yup, made at least 8 things. Along with everything above, I also tested a pattern for new pattern company The Wearable Studio and made the same piece twice! Post will come once the testing rounds are done.

I also made the new Rebecca Page Circle Cardigan and have been RAVING about it ever since. I’m making my mom one next week. You can see it in my 7×7 Capsule Wardrobe but a separate post is forthcoming. I LOVE IT.

I’m also calling it my Wu-Tang sweater:

Back to fails for a minute: another one this month was a green yoga band skirt. The first one, in bluvender that became the failed Dana set, was too indecent but the right size. It was simply too short. The next one I made out of the same fabric I used for the failed waterfall cardigan last month. I lengthened it two entire inches to make up for the indecency but the fabric didn’t have enough stretch so it was still indecent (skin tight).

That brings the total makes for SWAP up to FIVE and only ONE has been successful. I have to rethink that entire project

Despite that setback, I did manage to continue my commitment to only wear me made tops on our Beerocrats TV show! This feels like the best accomplishment because I put SO MUCH energy and effort into producing the YouTube channel, that then getting in front of the camera in clothes I made feels like a reward for all the hard work. The three episodes we filmed and aired in February were:

V-Day Candy & Beer

That’s a pink Simplicity 8337 View A I made last year out. It’s now way too big but it fit the theme for Valentine’s Day.

Veggie Pizza & Beer

Here’s a self-drafted black v-neck shirt that is so full of mistakes, I clearly made it when I first started sewing in 2016. For one, even though it’s lightweight, it’s still a sweater knit so it’s pretty heavy. Secondly the entire thing is made with a straight stitch. Yup. Somehow it’s managed to survive.
German Sours

I got to wear my favorite new t-neck, but it appears to be pulling to one side for the entire video. Oh well. I still love it. Not shown, my lounge pants were on for both this and the previous video. Comfort extraordinaire!

Finally, I fixed El Husbando’s sweat pants so he no longer has to wear MC Hammer pants. Here’s the before and after:

They look SO. MUCH. BETTER now. I took off nearly 4″ per leg! Despite that huge amount, it was very easy to serge up one leg and down another. It took less than 10 minutes total!
And all of that is why I didn’t leave my house in February. I’ll do better in March.
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