April18 Plans

Well, not making plans last month really worked out well so why not do that again this month?

The truth is that I’m feeling bogged down by the SWAP requirements and completely uninspired by the signature color of the month, which is diamond. Like El Husbando recently challenged over our weekly bagels & coffee breakfast down by the water:

“Diamonds aren’t supposed to HAVE color. That’s one of the four Cs! What are you going to do, make clear clothing?”

Apparently the lessons imparted by our diamond-hunting excursion for my one-of-a-kind engagement ring haven’t left him. Incidentally, the picture above was taken on the day we got engaged, exactly 3 years ago today.

But really, what do you do with diamond as a signature color? I dunno. So I’m not going to worry about it.

As for the SWAP capsule…had I waited until now to buy fabrics, the green I originally wanted would be plentiful. I could start over with that shade instead but then that reduces my make list from 4 down to 3. I’m supposed to have 11 done by the end of the month and while it’s probably doable, it doesn’t sound like fun. So I’m officially giving myself a break from that project. I didn’t expect to be able to win the contest anyway since I thought I might have to cheat a little on the pure color matching aspect.

What I do want to concentrate on is the fact that I have a major birthday happening next month. It starts with a 4 and ends in -orty. I’M SO EXCITED!!! I have always loved birthdays, any birthdays. But I especially enjoy milestone birthdays. For my 30th I had a picnic in the park, reminiscent of the ones we used to have as children, replete with piñatas. Since my nephew—who is about to turn 15!—shares the same birthday, I wanted him to have a good 5th birthday party, too. For 40 we’re planning a fancy dinner party instead.

Therefore I need something to wear! I have an idea about what that will be slowly forming.

Before I turn 40 I also have a goal of being able to do at least ONE unassisted pull-up. I have never in my life been able to do that, but I’ve been working on this for nearly 6 months now. I can do one with (coincidentally) 40 pounds of assisted weight, so all I have to do is keep trying with less and less weight and eventually I’ll get there. Unfortunately I was in a car accident on Easter which really impacted my neck and shoulders, so we’ll see what I can accomplish on that end.

Next month is also the return of Me Made May (#mmmay18) so I definitely want to gear up for that. And I’m pattern testing for one of my favorite things: a ruffle top. Somewhere in there I also have to travel, which always takes more energy and time than the mere 3 days abroad. Because of that, I expect I’ll have to take another week away from sewing this month again.

So I’m continuing on with letting the universe guide me. This morning I accidentally dropped a tortilla on the ground which was a clear sign that I didn’t need TWO breakfast tacos, so score 1 for the universe. It’s working out all right, this non-plan plan.

Oh, and the results of last week’s skirt pattern poll are in! With a staggering 75% of the votes, the Simplicity 8175 skirt won. It took an early lead so I decided to just jump on it and prepped the pattern over the weekend. Here’s a sneak peak!

Both my topstitching and stitch-in-the-ditch techniques have come a LONG way.  I’ll show off the whole skirt later in the month.

What are you up to this April?

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