March18 Recap

I started March off craving some down time, away from sewing. I’d spent a LOT of time at my machines in January and February and felt like I needed to step away and concentrate on other projects.

I didn’t even take my monthly fabric trip up to DTLA!

It’s like the universe knew exactly what was up because they day I posted about not making March plans, I received a job inquiry. I’ve been very lucky to be able to take a sabbatical for almost exactly a year now, after a particularly harrowing health scare last year. And I certainly wasn’t looking for a job when an industry colleague reached out and asked me to assist her on an annual conference. It’s always nice to be remembered for your mad skills (I’m a certified meeting professional, aka a meeting planner).

So I have a job now. Luckily it’s very flexible and still gives me time for other creative pursuits. It’s also only until the end of June, once the event is over, so I’ll be able to get back to THIS creative pursuit full time again come summer.

After that I took the rest of the week off from sewing and can’t even remember what I did. Probably shot all the things I sewed at the end of February. Drank beer. Enjoyed precious me time.

And somehow I still managed to eek out 8 makes this month! It’s amazing what a mini-break AND less time does for my productivity. Without even realizing it, almost everything I made except for the Circle Cardis were from new-to-me, never-before-used patterns.

My mom finally received the Circle Cardi she was promised in February. I made myself TWO tops in the March signature color of the month: the Kalle had aqua-ish feathers on the fabric, and the floral Simple Tee screamed aqua.

I added completely impractical but fun thumbhole cuffs to my own Circle Cardi.

Then I went back to my February color palette and made everything else in a shade of purple. Here are two Designer Stitch Synthia Shirts:

Then another Circle Cardi and the Itch to Stitch Lindy Petal Skirt, both in a mauve floral liverpool. One of these was more successful than the other and I’ll get into that in a future blog post.

I wore them together for shits and giggles and those pictures will never go on the internet because I look like a flower bomb exploded all over me. You don’t need to be subjected to that.

And just before the month ended, I began rethinking my original plan for the Sewing with a Plan capsule wardrobe. There is a poll currently going on to determine which skirt pattern takes over for the cigarette pants I was originally going to make. Simplicity 8175 is winning by a landslide so that’s likely to be my very next make.

All in all, a very weird month for me personally (and professionally too, I guess). I can’t even imagine what April has in store for me. I AM making a trip to Edmonton (Canada) in late April, so if there are any fabric stores to check out, please let me know!

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Apr 5, 2018 1:37 pm

You are always do productive!