April18 Recap

Oh what a month! I had to travel for a tiny bit, which resulted in far less time to sew than normal. Somehow I still eeked out a handful of makes though!

But first, did you see my new sewing buddy Dorie?!


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She was a little battered and dirty, obvious signs of the the garage/storage life. But for only $25, I couldn’t pass her up! I didn’t even bother checking her size, I was just so excited she was available! I got lucky though because she does grow up to my current measurements of 45-39-44.

This was my lucky find at the American Sewing Guild Orange County Chapter’s annual garage sale. I wish I’d taken more pictures there, but you can see a bit of it in the Instagram pic above. Aside from free patterns and super cheap accessories and tools (see Dorie!), there were piles and piles of fabric on a dozen tables. Everything from full rolls to mere remnants and anything in between. The best part though: all fabric was a mere ONE DOLLAR PER YARD.

Yes, you read that correctly. ALL fabric: $1/yard. And there were some sweet finds if you had the patience to rifle through all the piles. Like washed silk. Which I got 7 yards of for exactly $7. Yes, silk. $7. Total.

They were all donations from members and others, and wow did I score! In total I brought home about 35 yards of all kinds of fabric from bamboo knit to poly chiffon. With Dorie, I only spent the $60 I took with me. El Husbando tagged along and after seeing how much I bring home from my shopping trips in DTLA (and what that costs…), even he was impressed with my haul.

Output was low this month, though, because travel. I only spent a mere 39 hours traveling but those short trips are actually worse than the longer ones because you don’t get to recuperate from the first long day of travel before you have to turnaround and do it again. And then go back in the office. I felt a little bit like a pinball going boing-boing-boing across timezones.

It also always messes with my sleep. I basically can’t function for the first day after sitting in a plane. And to think, I used to want to be a pilot! #shattereddreams

But what I was able to concentrate on was finishing up some works in progress (WIPs), which just so happened to be the theme in the Sew Along Facebook Group. And now that I have a sewing buddy/model, blog photos are so much easier to come by! Here’s Dorie modeling the Named Saunio, which was the featured pattern for #sewmystyle in February 2017. I made 3 of them and got 99% of the way done with this one last April before simply quitting on it. Who knows why these things happen? I had even added piping to the center front!

And now it’s done just in time for 80 degree temperatures…


This 20 Minute Tunic spent an even more egregiously long time lounging in the unfinished pile—since July 2016! I cut two at the same time and only made one…I had intended to make the second one more of a V-neck and you can see this one is slightly deeper down the front. And even though it’s reversible, whatever measurements I used back then makes it fit rather nicely without the need for an FBA (which would be obvious with stripes).


The rest of my makes were the Ms Bossy skirt chosen by you, the Cosette I tested (plus a fit piece), a self-drafted shirt which I wore on the German & Mexican beer episode on Beerocrats recently and WOW is that way too low cut:

I also finally mended a sweatshirt hoodie that Ryan had managed to snag a hole into…like, 3 months ago. He’s such a patient husband.
And I got a jump on one of the 12 parental projects I have, utilizing some emerald green broadcloth from my OC garage sale fabric haul. It’s perfect for the May #sigcotm, which is based on my birthstone: emerald. I made a muslin so my mom can try it on, but also a finished piece for myself but that wasn’t done until this month, so I’ll share it at the end of May!
Or you might see it sooner since I’ll be wearing it on Beerocrats TV tomorrow when we film an IPA episode that will air in 2-3 weeks!
And that was the whirlwind of April. What were your projects for the month?

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Paulette Erato
Paulette Erato
May 11, 2018 12:45 am

Yup. That’s my absolute favorite way to do it!

May 11, 2018 12:45 am

Have you checked out the slide & picot method of doing an FBA? That's my go-to for dartless bodices (like a lot of knit tee patterns). That way you can get the fit you require & still use whatever fabric you like because there won't be any darts or anything.