May18 #SigCOTM: Emerald

My middle name is Esmeralda, but as I mentioned in my post about the Signature Color of the Month series, I’ve never been drawn to either the color or that name. I don’t use it. However, when it came time to change my name, I didn’t drop it either.

Something keeps me attached to it.

This year I’m determined to add some more greens into my life (and, er, my diet?). I had originally chosen a lighter shade for my SWAP capsule, but that’s been a bust. This month, though, I hope it will be a focal point (at least with the fabrics I have on hand, I’ll be out of room if I buy any more!).

I’ve already used some emerald green broadcloth for a shell I tested for my mom (both as the muslin and a finished piece for me). And today I dug deep in to the closet for something green.

I’m wearing a dress I made for Christmas in 2016, a hack of two McCall’s patterns: the M7465 bodice to the flared skirt from M6754. The fabric is a deep green ponte from Stone Mountain & Daughter, which is a treat to visit if you’re ever in the Berkeley, CA area.


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(Also in the pic is the Saunio I sat on for a year…)

My Pin-spiration board is filled with beautiful emerald green images.

I’m really loving all of these. I want to buy all the luscious green fabric! But, you know, space…

Already on deck I have a Rivermont dress planned for my birthday dinner this weekend, and though it won’t be green it does have some hints of green in the floral motif.

I also acquired a gorgeous deep green jersey recently. I have no idea what to make with it, but it’s super soft and drapey so I’m guessing it’s got some rayon in it. What would you suggest for it? I have almost 3 yards of it.

I’m considering a Sinclair Patterns Sienna or maybe the 5 out of 4 Camilla? There’s also the Ensemble Patterns Greco or the Cashmerette Concord…so many choices! Or scrap the whole tee idea and do something else entirely???

What are you making this month?

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