#mmmay18 Week 2 in Review: Birthday Edition

The second week of May is typically the most exciting for me, because it’s the second week of birthdays in my family and then, of course, Mother’s Day.

Once again I needed work appropriate attire for the office, and this week I opted for dresses.

On Monday I dug out the coral dress I hacked from the One Hour Top during #OWOP17. Another one of those hacks makes an appearance! Not gonna lie, a month ago this started to feel really roomy so I’d put it aside to take in along the side seams and back a little. Now, it’s fine again. Kinda sadz.

Tuesday I dug even deeper into the closet for a green dress I’d made for Christmas 2016. Paired with a WIP I had just finished (after a full year), my Saunio cardigan in a chunky sweater knit. I posted about this outfit the day I wore it, since green is the Signature Color of the Month.


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The rest of the week I worked from home, so I went back to my casual duds. Wednesday I paired my most comfy pair of jeans with my oversized peach Flashdance sweater. It’s great for casual comfort.

Thursday was the first special day of the week, as I had spent the whole month up to this point working on my birthday outfit. I’d settled on a True Bias Roscoe blouse, and actually made two (blog post coming soon). I wore this to dinner with my husband in Hermosa Beach (and was in my zebra shirt during the day while finishing it!).

Friday I wore my (unblogged) Megan Nielsen Briar Tee in a comfy grey sweatshirt knit (same as one of my Saunios) over my obnoxious circus pants while I sat on a few hours of conference calls. There’s nothing like working in what amounts to pajamas.

AND THEN IT WAS SATURDAY!! I had cut my Cashmerette Rivermont birthday dress on Monday after work and knew from the muslin that the darts take FOREVER (there are 12 total—on a knit dress). Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the dress came together beautifully. And that’s what I got to wear to my birthday dinner.

Here I am with my mom, her in a knit version of McCall’s 7536 dress I made last year and decided it would look better on her. We received a lot of compliments for our matching florals (which was NOT planned!).

Unfortunately we ended up in the emergency room late last night because mom slipped and fell at the restaurant. Thankfully nothing was broken, she’s just a little banged up and sore, but since we didn’t leave there until midnight, we did get to celebrate Mother’s Day together right at the strike of midnight. The ER staff was nice to compliment our dresses, which I hope made her feel better (she kept a smile through the pain because she’s a trooper).

Because I didn’t get to sleep until the witching hour, today has been shot. I’m breaking my pledge addendum again and once again wearing my circus pants because I can’t be bothered to be presentable today. I am also in a homebrewing t-shirt in solidarity for my husband who is currently brewing an IPA in our kitchen as I type this.

I’ll probably break the pledge again next week because I really love that Rivermont and might have to show it off at work tomorrow.

After I wash off the ER germs, of course!

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Paulette Erato
Paulette Erato
May 16, 2018 12:41 pm

Thanks Kath!!

May 16, 2018 12:39 pm

I hope your mom is doing much better after her fall. That's awful! Both floral dresses look great.
Kath (RTW Faster)