#mmmay18 Week 3 in Review

Have you tired of Me Made May yet, or are you still plugging along? I will admit to finding it challenging to wear as many of my handmade clothes as I want. Mainly this is due to the weather, it’s been much colder than usual and most of my clothes are for the warmer part of the year.

I’m sure we’re heading into another scorching summer though, so watch out for Me Made July!

Just kidding. Another factor is that when I first started sewing, fit was less of a concern than just finishing a project. So a lot of my early makes are just plain ill-fitting. Such is life!

*Housekeeping: some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra! If I like them, you might too!*

Monday is always a back to work day so I dug out Simplicity 1253 top and ready-to-wear pants. I threw my favorite red Saunio on top, but had reinforced the shoulder seams with a scratchy seam tape on the exposed side, and this was not comfortable with a tank top. Bummer. Must fix.

Tuesday was once again cold so I worked yet another #OWOP17 top into rotation: my favorite grey v-neck sweater version. With evergreen RTW trousers, this was a winner.

I had a rare in-the-office-on-a-Wednesday vendor meeting which meant dressing the part. I paired a RTW black sweater with my rarely worn Cali Faye Collection Pocket Skirt. It’s in the same floral Liverpool as my favorite shift dress and the #OWOP17 top from Week 1 (not the recommended fabric for the skirt). I love the deep patch pockets on it.

Thursday was a true work from home day, so yoga pants. But my husband also worked from home so I decided to be cute and wear a pretty top half in this swingy New Look 6816 top in floral Liverpool (same fabric as my mom’s dress from my birthday last weekend). I love this shirt and should make another.

Friday we had date night at a local comedy show so I tried to put together a cute outfit I had never worn: a Designer Stitch Synthia in lavender faux micro suede under my Circle Cardi with skinny jeans. One of the comedians made fun of me, but not because of my clothes, so yay?

Saturday we filmed more Beerocrats episodes and I decided to wear some dresses. First is my Frankenhacked dress, that my brother caught for Instagram:

And then my favorite shift dress I mentioned above. El Husbando seems to like it:


Sunday I couldn’t be bothered to get out of my PJs so it was back to the circus pants with a white tee.

And that was my week. Hopefully it warms up this week so I can make use of my Ogdens and such, but it started off rainy so probably not.

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Rosalba Fontanez
Rosalba Fontanez
May 22, 2018 2:07 am

Fabulous pieces!