Recapping #mmmay18

It’s now the end of May and I can’t say I’m sad for the end of Me Made May. I didn’t realize sticking to my pledge of wearing as many me made pieces was going to be so difficult. The reasons for this:

  • I had originally miscalculated the number of makes. Turns out I had only made about 30 in 2016 and 2017, so that’s about half of what I thought I had.
  • The weather has been strangely cold, and most of my handmade garments don’t work for that. So this really highlighted some gaps in the pants and sweater categories.
  • Because I’ve only been sewing for two years, I have a lot of first timer mistakes. They’re wearable, mostly, but not pieces I’m necessarily proud of or are even comfortable to wear. They’re not the ones I end up reaching for unless forced to (like when trying to adhere to a pledge).
  • I got bored. I have a lot of clothes, but only about 10% of my closet is me made (for this season anyway). I miss my ready-to-wear garments and am looking forward to getting back to them.
That last one especially was not something I was expecting. The whole purpose of the challenge is to help you develop a better relationship with your handmade wardrobe. It felt like this did the opposite.
That being said, I definitely feel like I stretched myself. I gave myself the added challenge of not wearing anything more than once, especially to work. So anything me made that I had worn to the office since I started in March was out of the picture for May. Luckily I only go in about twice a week, so that left plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my casual clothes. I also committed to wear as many me mades on my YouTube show, which I did manage. All episodes filmed in May featured handmade clothing, that I again tried not to repeat during the week.
I was mostly successful!

The first 3 weeks of outfits can be seen in their respective posts (here, here, and here). That’s another lesson learned: while I didn’t want to post a daily outfit on Instagram, I figured a weekly recap would be just fine. Next year I’ll take a page from Meg and do a mid-month wrap up and then an end-of-month one just like this.

*Housekeeping: some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra! If I like them, you might too!*

Week 4:
I was home sick on Monday, which meant comfy clothes. It was also cold but I didn’t need to leave my house so I opted for one of those poorly made items I mention above: the plavener net sweater on which the sleeves are slightly too short and the cuffs stretched out. It’s fine for wearing around the house, especially with my awesomely comfortable lounge pants.
Tuesday was still cold (why?!), so my flannel short sleeved version of the True Bias Roscoe was perfect with a pair of RTW black pants for office use.
Wednesday I was home bound once again and this was the day I had to force myself into handmade items I really don’t like. My sweater knit Seamly Versalette is long enough to wear as a tunic over my Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings. That’s a good thing too because later in the day my husband mentioned he could see my underwear through it. I thought the fabric was thick enough, but clearly I was wrong and pulled a Lululemon on myself. There’s also a hole in the crotch, so those are destined for upcycling.
Thursday I donned the Wardrobe by Me Hera top in a gauzy knit (to be blogged soon, I love it!). However it was raining, so again, not quite prepared for the weather. But it’s so pretty!
Friday I fixed a comically large dolman sleeved cowl neck shirt I’d made from McCall’s 6752. By taking 4 inches off the sleeves and tapering down to the waist, the shirt is less circus tent and more wearable now.
Saturday I still wasn’t 100% but El Husbando thought dinner out would be a good idea so I threw my Spanish Loretta on over a pair of comfy jeans and life was good enough again. The garlic mashed potatoes also helped.
Sunday I spent binge watching Velvet on Netflix, in my floral Simple Tee from My Handmade Wardrobe. It’s such a great comfy shirt and in the bright floral helped my icky doldrums.
Monday was a holiday and the weather gods saw fit to give us some warmth for BBQ-ing. I had hacked the Sinclair Patterns Sienna with a mini-cowl neck in a deliciously soft gorgeous emerald green jersey, which paired perfectly with bacon-wrapped hot dogs.
Back to work on Tuesday and I had hoped I could get away with a skirt. Turns out I was wrong because it was once again cold and rainy, but I forged ahead in my Lindy Petal skirt with a short sleeved cardigan. I was freezing the entire day. I should invest in tights.
Yesterday I opted for the woven tee I mistakenly made with the Blank Slate Blanc Tee. Since my car accident in April, I’ve been indulging in a lot of comfort food and definitely straining the seams of some clothes. This shirt is the barometer by which I can measure how much I’ve shrunk or unshrunk. It still fits! So all of my gym work last year hasn’t been completely undone by my bad habits.
Finally, today the sun is threatening to come out but it’s also kind of rainy. I cannot stress enough how unusual this is for Los Angeles in May. Usually we’re fighting a heat wave right now. So I’m in the original version of the Sienna tee with my favorite Circle Cardi and black jeans. Ready for the cold, or heat should the sun win its battle.
And that was Me Made May 2018! Did you participate? If so, how did it go for you?
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