May18 Recap

I made green things! Finally, I’m back on track with the birthstone-inspired signature color of the month plans I was so gung-ho about back in 2017.

Can we take a moment and appreciate the fact that it’s already June? We are halfway through the year and I really don’t know where the time went.

So yes, green things! But also, not-so-green things. And also: 100% indie patterns!! Yay for supporting small businesses!

*Housekeeping: some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra! If I like them, you might too!* 

I knew I wanted the Cashmerette Rivermont dress for my birthday party on the 12th, so I used leftover fabric from March’s aquamarine-inspired color to make the peplum top to test the fit. The full dress has green leaves in it, so that sort of counts.

Then I also made two versions of the True Bias Roscoe: the wearable muslin in a daisy checked flannel (which really came in handy when it was suddenly cold and rainy all of May), and the creamy leafy one in the shiftiest crinkly chiffon. I ended up taking about 3 inches off the sides and sleeves of that one after all and it’s a much better fit now. Note to self: start one size smaller next time.

Remember the poll I posted on Instagram to choose the fabric for my Roscoe? The non winner was a beautiful gauzy pink knit I’d had in my stash for a long time. I used it for the free Wardrobe by Me Hera blouse and it was a perfect match. It’s lovely. I’ll post about this very soon.

And THEN I finally made something truly green. Based on the choices I’d given myself at the beginning of May, I decided on the Sinclair Sienna top for the gorgeous and soft emerald green jersey I’d gotten at the garage sale last month. But I didn’t want to cut directly into it before I tested the fit. For that I used the leftover oatmeal cotton jersey I’d bought for my mom’s Circle Cardi. It fit perfectly! So then I decided to get a little fancy with the emerald version and tried to make a cowl neck.

It wasn’t the most super successful hack, but it’s given me an idea how to perfect it in the future. I’ll share that in a future post.

I also started on another one of El Husbando’s #menswearmakenine shirts, which has a green stripe in the plaid. He’ll have a new shirt in the next few days.


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And at the 11th hour on May 31, I realized I had only fully completed 7 projects. In order to successfully enter the 100 Items Sewing Challenge for May, I needed one more make before the end of the night (luckily I live in the right time zone!).

I racked my brain for the fastest and easiest pattern in my arsenal, something that either already was or could easily become tried and true. The winner was: the My Handmade Wardrobe Simple Tee in a white rayon jersey. With only a front and back to worry about, and no hemming because it’s a knit (and kind of sheer so it’ll only be worn around the house anyway), I had it done within 45 minutes. Because I know from experience that this particular fabric grows like the dickens, I took 5/8″ out from both center front and center back. It fits just right. In fact, I finished it as my husband got home from work, put it on right away, and his first words were, “wow, that fits you so well!”

(He’s learning all about fit these days, too…)

And that was my 8 makes!

How was your May?

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