August18 Plans & Inspiration

August used to feel like the death knell of summer. When I was a kid it meant school was around the corner and the days would start getting shorter. But I’m no longer a kid, summer is endless (thank you climate change) and I have been looking forward to the peridot-inspired signature color of the month all  year long!

I don’t own much in this color, which can run the gamut from lime green to olive, leaning towards earthy greens. It’s a great neutral AND accent, depending on how you use it. And I already have some in my stash!

This is actually kismet because I am testing a knit dress and have the perfect ITY knit for the job, with a stripey peridot, turquoise, navy, camel thing happening. I also have a crepe-y chiffon that has an abstract off-white and lime green pattern, which will be perfect for an Ogden cami hack I’ve been planning to recreate a ready to wear shirt I own.

But this month my focus will be on sewing for others. I have 2 silk shirts to make for my dad, at least one blouse for my mom, and Ryan’s cargo shorts still to finish. None of them will be in earthy greens, but that’s okay. I think I may hang on to this color for future inspiration.

I still plan to work through my Lander shorts fitting issues. My next version will have the zipper inserted though, since I’ve learned that buttons like to tear out really easily when you constantly pull your shorts on and off. So enough of that!

The #sewmystyle2018 pattern for August is the Hey June Halifax Hoodie (aff link). It is simply too damn hot to even be thinking about a sweatshirt, so this is definitely going on the back burner for the month. However I do have the free Hey June Durango tank, so maybe if I have time I’ll squeeze that in in its stead.

I also want to fix my Suki and Ryan has a shirt he wants taken in. So more mending and tailoring to add to the list.

What I am not going to do is get caught up in production goals. For most of the year, spurned by the 100 Items in 2018 challenge, I’ve been trying to churn out more and more each month and I’ve finally decided that’s neither necessary nor particularly healthy. Instead I’ve shifted my focus back to health and working out regularly. In fact last week my workouts really started to compete with sewing time, and for the first time this year, I didn’t mind this at all. It was almost liberating, which is particularly telling about this hobby of mine!

So while I don’t plan on abandoning sewing altogether—I’m actually in the market for another machine—I’m definitely slowing my roll. I want to get out and enjoy the late summer nights while we still can.

What are your plans this month?

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