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July has rolled around and suddenly we’re past the midpoint of the year and what?! It’s crazy but it’s true. Should I do one of those mid-year wrap ups that everyone else seems to be doing? Seems like fun. Or maybe I’ll save it for the end of the year? I don’t know, stay tuned.

This month, I’m finally returning to my sewing machines after being away from them for over two weeks! And now that I’m back to being funemployed, I have ALL THE FREE TIME to spend sewing. YAY!

If it wasn’t for all the beer I drank in Canada, I’m not sure I would have survived the long imposition on my favorite craft. But beer is my other hobby, so it wasn’t too massive a hardship. Here’s my beer with the Queen; we had a good time:



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The birthstones for July are either ruby or carnelian, both in the red family. Red, being my favorite color, isn’t a hard sell. I even have a red Seamwork Kimmy on deck! It will fit in nicely with the Sew Along Facebook group’s #JustColorJuly theme—no neutrals allowed! Carnelian especially, leaning towards a more orange-red than blue-red, is an easy and fun summer color.

I still have a few unfinished projects from last month, including the 3 pairs of Dana panties. None of them are red, but that’s okay.

While on vacation in Canada, I managed to rip BOTH of my jeans, which required an emergency shopping session. Technically I didn’t break the RTW Fast rules since my husband “gifted” them to me, but it was a serious reminder of how much I hate shopping! I really haven’t been tempted to buy any clothes at all this year, but having to try on jeans really sucked (even if I did end up in a smaller size than anticipated). So jeans! I own the Cashmerette Ames because they’re on my #makenine. They’ll finally be made this month (if only as jean shorts to test the crotch fit).

A mere couple of days back in the So Cal heat has taught me I need more shorts (massive change in temperature from rainy and cold Vancouver last week to blazing hot triple digit temps this week!). On top of the Ames shorts hack (though I could use real jeans too now, obvs), I also plan to make both #sewmystyle patterns this month: the True Bias Lander shorts and Blank Slate Forsythe capris (or shorts?). I’ve had my eyes on the Deer & Doe Chataigne shorts too, which are so adorable with the scalloped hem! I don’t own those yet though, so we’ll see if I get to them. I’ve also never made a Deer & Doe pattern, any thoughts on those?

El Husbando is also hopefully getting another pair of shorts. I so wanted to test the new Wardrobe by Me Cargo Shorts pattern, but the testing window fell right in line with my work trip, so I had to sit it out. Instead I bought it as soon as I got back home. All of Ryan’s store bought shorts have back patch pockets, so I’m looking forward to the sleeker welt pockets on his future pairs. And he’s open to the idea of a dark rust color pair, so that’s cool.

And then there are the garments my parents commissioned. We’re shopping for silks later this month for my dad’s version of McCalls 7206, as he likes the finer things. Unfortunately we had to put a bit of a pin in my mom’s original choices as she had an accident last month that left her with a compromised shoulder. However the June Seamwork release of the Kristen tank is perfect for someone with mobility issues, so she’ll be looking for fabric for that too. Plus we’re going to add little fluttery cap sleeves, which is always a fun detail.

And that’s that for July. I’m currently stuck in bed sicker than I can remember being. But hopefully later this week I can jump into all these new patterns. Fingers crossed!

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