Month: August 2018


The Brown “Silk” Bowling Shirt – McCall’s 7206

My third iteration of McCall’s 7206 men’s bowling shirt was once again for my dad. His first one in lavender linen was the nicest thing I’d ever made, but he really wanted a brown one, too. We sourced some “silk” (more on that in a second) at a vendor in …

Peasant Tops for Mom – New Look 6891

I’ve been sewing so much for my dad and husband that I finally took a break to go back to making women’s clothing. But this time, they’re for my mom. New Look 6891 was one of her choices and she had bought a white embroidered border cotton specifically for it. …

Sewspirational Summer Blog Tour 2018 & Giveaways – McCall’s 7206

I’m first up on the Sewspirational Summer Blog Tour 2018! The purpose of the tour is to highlight summer makes and inspire our readers’ own future projects. There are also TWO giveaways below! My choice for summer makes is one I’ve actually spent a LOT of time on this summer. …

Hacking the Pattern – McCall’s 6744, Part 1

(This post about McCall’s 6744 was written last December, and has been sitting unpublished. It’s about a shirt I made in early 2017, so it’s an old post about an old make—meta-blogception! I thought it would be nice to take a trip back in time. Enjoy.) Winter doesn’t ever last very …

July18 Recap

So July was fun. It was hotter than Hades and I was sick for nearly 3 whole weeks. By fun, I obviously mean miserable. Just thinking about it makes me cranky. Which may leak out into this post. Sorry! But I started working out again (which immediately led to sickness, …