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2018 Summer Blogging Challenge: Random Facts about Me

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I’ve been having trouble putting words to blog this month, so I’ve decided to join Nancy Stordahl on her annual summer blogging challenge, which is simply an answer to a list of questions. Fun! And easy!

Nancy isn’t a sewing blogger like me, she is a cancer survivor and author and she makes her place on the internet at Nancy’s Point. Check her out, and if you’re interested in participating in the blogging challenge, simply fill in the questions below and then let her know about it on her post.

Or if you don’t blog and just want to answer questions about yourself, feel free to do so in the comments below!

2018 Summer Blogging Challenge Questions! 

1. How long have you been blogging (or reading blogs)?

This is actually my fourth foray into blogging. I’ve been writing on the internet since the Myspace days of yore, then created a semi-anonymous blog in March 2006. I never published my second blog My Life is Hard, but my food blog Girl + Fire lasted from 2010-2013, and now Petite Font has been online for nearly a year!

2. How has your blog changed?

So far it hasn’t, but by the end of the year it will possibly have a new home over on WordPress. And maybe a shiny new look.


3. What is your biggest blogging challenge/frustration?

Getting it to feel “right.” Having the “right” pictures, or SEO, or look, or tone. It can take all the fun out of what I really want to do and that’s just write about making stuff.


4. What is your favorite post that you’ve written (or read)?

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite, but I do have a lot of fun writing the fail posts. Because of the pressure to “get it right” above, I like being able to show when it’s actually all wrong. Funny enough, those tend to be my most popular posts, too.


5. What are your goals for your blog? (Why do you read blogs?)

Originally this blog started as a way to fill up my free time and record my adventures in making stuff, but I hope to expand it to more than just sewing.


6. How many blogs do you read on a regular basis?

According to Feedly, I am currently subscribed to 55 blogs (and have 268 posts to read…).


7. How do you determine what to share and what not to share; in other words, do you have blog boundaries? (or comment boundaries)

Honestly, I’m not sure. When the creative juices are flowing and I want to write, I just write. I always have a stack of garments I could conceivably write about, since I usually photograph everything as soon as it’s done. But what actually makes it onto the blog is what I’m inspired to write about, and that changes day to day.


8. When things get hard, what keeps you blogging (or reading blogs)?

The need for consistency, which I’m failing at here by my own definition. So far this month I’ve posted about once a week, but I had originally intended to write two posts per week. That’s proven a bit challenging. But it’s like going to the gym, showing up is the hard part. Once you’re there, just get it done. Which is how I end up writing posts like this!


9. What is your biggest Cancer Land pet peeve today, right now, this minute?

Since my niche is sewing and not cancer, I’ll answer from that perspective. I have too many patterns. I’m never going to get through all of them. And I’ve tried putting myself on a no buy ban, but I fall victim to all the pretty pictures everyone posts immediately after a pattern release. Just this week I bought two more! Those are actually taped and ready to go this weekend, but COME ON. I’m going to die and who will inherit my 300+ patterns???

Also I have a splinter in my toe. That’s super irritating.


10. What one piece of advice would you offer to a new blogger?

Don’t be like me and worry about what looks “good” or “right.” Just be you and hit publish.


11. Share something most people do not know about you. A secret sort of thing.

Other than my love for beer, I’m not sure I talk about too many other things on this blog so maybe most people don’t know that I lift heavy things for fun. Here’s my 210 pound deadlift from last week. I hope to lift 250 pounds for 5 reps by the end of October.

The angry face is merely the result of fighting against the pull of gravity.



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12. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Lifting. And drinking beer. Planning beer holidays. Did I mention beer? I also still enjoy cooking even if I don’t blog about it. Especially cooking with beer. Oh, and hanging out with this guy. Who makes beer.

Should I write about beer?
Thanks for reading!
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