July18 Recap

So July was fun. It was hotter than Hades and I was sick for nearly 3 whole weeks. By fun, I obviously mean miserable. Just thinking about it makes me cranky. Which may leak out into this post. Sorry!

But I started working out again (which immediately led to sickness, but now I’m better) so maybe that means some of those clothes I made recently on my old measurements (I’m looking at you, pencil skirt) will fit again!

Because I had so very little energy to complete projects, it took a loooooong time to complete pretty simple tasks. But I DID get through a small number of my goals:

My Kimmy dress took FOR AGES (that’s longer than forever), but it was on the to-do pile for so long—and an anniversary present, dammit!—that it had to get done. I feel really cute in it, too. So bonus points!

Then I spent most of the rest of the month concentrating on making my dad’s lavender linen M7206 as perfect as possible. I have a full post on this planned for mid-August so stay tuned because there may be a giveaway associated with it! Watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy this shot of the buttons he chose at Mood.


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I also managed to eek out a pair of Landers shorts for me, but they were too tight, then too loose, and now we’re back to square one with the damn muslin. Which is too tight again. Argh. But I will persevere.

And these buttons sure are pretty. (Apparently buttons were my thing this summer…)


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The muslin for Ryan’s Wardrobe by Me Cargo Shorts (aff link) were also completed, but apparently he shrank a size between measuring him and making them. I mean, I love him which means I feed him, but apparently not enough. So I either have to fatten him up real quick or cut a smaller size. Thanks for losing weight, honey. Really, thanks. <3

And finally, I made me two pairs of panties. Remember I still had 3 on deck? Well, I only had the energy for 2, so that’s that. The dark blue ones, which is a color I hate so why did I even bother, are a tad bit too small because they have less stretch and a thicker elastic inserted, so yay for wasting my time!

Those flowery ones are cute though.

And that was July! We’re now past the halfway mark for the year, so let’s make it count!

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