Sewing Strong Not Skinny

Aug18 Recap

I’m all for accountability, which is why I do these monthly recaps. Sometimes I’m pleasantly pleased with what I’ve accomplished and sometimes I’m less ecstatic. Let’s start with what I didn’t get to, based on my August plans:

I did NOT:

  • hack an Ogden cami OR use the cool abstract fabric I had set aside for it
  • make either the #sewmystyle Halifax hoodie OR the Durango tank
  • fix my Suki OR tailor El Husbando’s shirt

That amounts to about half my list. What changed? I actually took time away from my machine this month. I allowed myself to enjoy free time, sometimes in bed and doing nothing. I’ve been focusing intensely on lifting, especially the deadlift, my goal for which is 250 pounds by end of October. That requires a LOT of rest between lift days. It’s been a really long time since I didn’t attempt to fill up all of my free time, and I think there’s a lesson in there.

What I do when I’m not sewing (or beering). This is 215 pounds for 5 reps last Sunday (this morning I lifted 220 for 1 rep):

I like being strong!

When I DID sew, I was able to make 8 complete garments, which I’m now realizing is more than I expected. So yay me!


    • Ryan got a pair of shorts:
    • I made two versions a cute pattern I was testing, and they are the only ones that incorporated peridot! Here are the fabrics used:



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I really thought I made more for other people than I did for me, but maybe that’s because all the sewing for others happened together. I also took more time with things this month, like French seams on all my parents’ clothes, and learning how to make welt pockets on Ryan’s shorts.

And a Lander shorts update! I fixed the waistband on my first pair so they fit a little better:


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But also: I finally made a new muslin that fits!! I look forward to making them out of stretch denim just in time for an all-you-can-eat crab dinner we have coming up. Stretchy clothes to the rescue!

So that was August. End of summer vibes are hitting hard and now that the weather is cooling off a tiny bit, plus staying cloudy most of the day, it’s perfect for snuggling in bed.

And if this month taught me anything, it’s that time spent in bed is well spent.

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