Sept18 Plans & Inspiration

The birthstone for September is a sapphire. Did you know that though they are typically thought of as blue, they can actually be a range of colors, even red? The red ones are actually called rubies, but they have the same crystalline structure. Neat!

(I geeked out on gemstones when we were having my engagement ring made…)

So sapphires, typically blue. Some are super dark blue, like navy. Which is a color I cannot stand. I don’t know why, but it actually makes me angry. And it’s such a popular color!!

I, on the other hand, think it’s like a weak version of basic black, and you can’t even wear it with black without looking like a fool. So there isn’t a lot of dark blue in my closet. However, I do like what I call fun blues (purple- or green-leaning, happy, bright blues!), and actually have stash fabric for this!

Notice these are all more of a medium  or even purple blue, leaning towards cobalt in the abstract print. I think this would make a cool dress, but I don’t know what to make with it. It’s a non-stretch poly crepe, and very thin and drapey at that, so the possibilities are endless.

Next to it is what I was told could be a washed silk and I have SEVEN yards of it. I think something with a cowl neck would be cool. The purpley-crepe next to too! As for the medium blue poly on the far left, no clue…

Oktoberfest is coming up and I had put lederhosen on El Husbando’s #menswearmakenine, but…I don’t really think it’s going to happen this year. *shrugs*

There’s also the third version of M7206 for my dad. He has a cobalt blue silk ready for this, and even though I really wanted a break from the pattern, maybe now is the time to knock it out!

This month’s #sewmystyle pattern is the Chalk & Notch Fringe dress, which I have been so excited to make. Maybe this can be made in either the silk or abstract poly crepe? I may just stick to the top version of this but we’ll see.

It’s now the last third of the year and I haven’t made much progress on my own #makenine2018 so maybe I’ll revisit those patterns and see what I’m inspired to make. It would be a good time to make that shirt dress I want! It would fall into the #CurvyYearofSewing’s theme of Shirts & Shirtdresses theme, after all.

What are you working on this month? Here’s some pinspiration!

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