Maker Inspiration November 2018

Maker Inspiration November

November birthstone citrineReady for some maker inspiration for November?

Since I’m shifting away from sewing these days, I’m going to start including other maker areas in these inspiration posts. Don’t worry, there’s still some sewing that might get done!

The birthstones for November are citrine and topaz, both warm colors. This is perfect for fall in the northern hemisphere, as the leaves start changing. These colors evoke a coziness.

So how to incorporate into the making?

Food to Make

My poor mom suffered an injury earlier this year from which she is still healing. So with Thanksgiving coming up, we’re all pitching in to help. Yay, I’m cooking again!

I’ve been tasked with the standard green bean casserole, and El Husbando makes a wickedly good cherry pie. To kick things up a notch,  I’m thinking of busting out my version of Peas & Carrots Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta. It’s super easy and was the first dish to be devoured completely the last time I made it!


If you’re not one for butternut squash, yams also fall into this rich warm category. Or pumpkin pie! There must be a reason that the birthstones colors so closely resemble these veggies.

If you’re in the USA, how does your family celebrate this holiday?

Fashion Inspiration

Now is a great time to bust out those fall colors. I got my hands on this poly-chiffon recently that I put in my IG stories.

Maker inspiration citrine and topaz giraffe printed fabric

The monochromatic color scheme is perfectly in line with the signature colors of the month, but the print is…interesting. At least the giraffes are printed in all different directions so there’s no right or wrong way “up.”

For more fashion inspo, check out these two boards.

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[apsp-board-widget board_url=”” custom_size=’custom’ image_width=”100″ board_height=”270″ board_width=”400″]

November Maker Challenges

There are a few I mentioned in the newsletter last week (have you signed up?). But I think I’m going to stick with my #slowfashionoctober-into-#slowvember groove and maybe not make any new garments. I do have a massive pile of mending to do, and that fits the theme:


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But that also means I’m opting out of some fun stuff happening around Instagram, like #SewFrosting and #OWOP18. But you can find me posting occasionally on #bpsewvember!

#MeetTheMaker November

The big, all-encompassing maker challenge this month is #MeetTheMakerweek with Joanne Hawker. She’ll be putting out info for that in the next few weeks so follow her for details.

What are you making this month? Are you incorporating warm fall colors into it? If you’re in the southern hemisphere and heading into your summer season, what are you looking forward to most?

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El Husbando
El Husbando
Nov 9, 2018 12:02 pm

I recently made beer, a brown ale to be exact. That seems to fit in nicely with the fall color scheme!