Month: December 2018


Wiksten Haori Jacket Pattern Review

*Housekeeping: some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that I get a tiny commission from purchases you make using them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra! If I like them, you might too!* Wiksten recently changed the name of their Kimono Jacket to the Wiksten Haori. Why? Isn’t …

Dec18 Maker Inspiration

We’re drawing the December maker inspiration from this month’s birthstones. They are blue topaz, tanzanite, and turquoise. Basically, all shades of blue and purple, which can be icy or serene. Or both! We know I’m no fan of blue, but I’m not even going to pretend that I have time to …

Nov18 Maker Recap & Round-Up

How was your November? Did it fly by as quickly as mine did? Because I swear it was barely Halloween a second ago. Somehow I accomplished the tasks I gave myself, like making that delicious Thanksgiving side dish. I even fixed one of those garments on my mending pile! And …