Nov18 Maker Recap & Round-Up

How was your November? Did it fly by as quickly as mine did? Because I swear it was barely Halloween a second ago.

Somehow I accomplished the tasks I gave myself, like making that delicious Thanksgiving side dish.

I even fixed one of those garments on my mending pile!

And in the true spirit of #slowvember, I made one item only: the newly renamed Wiksten Haori (formerly the Wiksten Kimono). Here’s a WIP look at it:


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For more on why the name changed, you can read Wiksten’s post. You should also check out the #10x10representationmatters hashtag on Instagram. It’s long past time to start paying attention to the words we use and how we use them.

I’ll have a dedicated post for the haori later this month, and I’m also taking time to gather my thoughts on representation as a person of color.

Did you know I’m brown? Does that in anyway color what you read here?

Anyway. Did you take part in any of the maker challenges this month? #sewfrosting and #owop18 wrapped up this week, as did #meetthemaker. What about #stitchedwithatwist and #thelittlereddressproject?

Let’s talk about other maker media. Do you do handmade presents? I try to, but that will be impossible this year. We’re moving this month, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking! I get to kick off the new year in a new home! But also, argh boxes everywhere!

So that means all of my maker time will be replaced by packing ALL THE THINGS. But in my new home, I’ll have my own studio space!! I’m moving out of the kitchen/dining/living room area and into my own separate room. With a door! And a closet! I’ll be able to hide it all away when people come to visit.


But because the move hasn’t happened yet, I asked the community for a little round-up help. So here’s what other makers have created in the signature colors of the month:

Amaretto Sour Cocktail November Maker RoundupThe Mighty Mrs crafted a delicious sounding Amaretto Sour Cocktail

November Maker Roundup Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Recipe

Beauty Crafter has a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Recipe

November Maker Roundup Pineapple air plant ornament tutorial

Stephanie at Swoodwon Says posted a timely DIY project: Pineapple Air Plant Ornament Tutorial

November Maker Roundup Yellow Dresser Makeover

Heather from Happiest Camper gave her dresser a lively yellow makeover!

November Maker Roundup Jeweled Fall Napkin Ring Tutorial

In keeping with the birthstone theme, another great DIY from Nikki at TokkidoJeweled Fall Napkin Ring Tutorial

November Maker Roundup How to Tie Dye with Turmeric

If you want to make your own citrine or topaz fabric, Holly from Pink Fortitude has a tutorial for dyeing fabric with turmeric

November Maker Roundup Winter Spiced Apple Cocktail with Rum

Another delicious sounding cocktail, this time from The Cook ReportWinter Spiced Apple Cocktail with Rum

November Maker Roundup Curried Vegan Pumpkin Soup recipesfromapantry

‘Tis the season for rich pumpkin soup (plus a few variations) from Bintu’s Recipes from the Pantry

All images used with permission by the creators.

What do you think of this format? Do you like seeing more from other creators? Let me know below!

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Ellen Best
Dec 4, 2018 2:26 pm

Great blog Paulette. I admit I am rubbish at crafting I am not a cutty sewey person but love all of youre here except the Pumpkin ones. We can’t like them all. X