Month: January 2019


Itch to Stitch Uvita Top Pattern Review – Free Pattern

The Itch to Stitch Uvita Top comes from one of my favorite indie pattern companies. Aside from a having very thorough instructions, Itch to Stitch also has a few freebies that are not just hastily thrown together patterns (though they are very beginner-friendly). Case in point the Lindy Skirt. And also this Uvita …

How I Learned to Meditate with Bob Ross

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:30 am, my local PBS station airs Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. It’s over the air, and I don’t have a DVR, so if I miss it I can’t go back and rewatch it (ignoring the availability on YouTube). So every Tuesday and …

Read This Book: Create or Hate by Dan Norris

Create or Hate: Successful People Make Things is a very quick, how-to book for unlocking creativity. At 104 pages, it’s divided into 4 chapters and easy enough to finish in one afternoon. The central theme is that to be a successful creator, you must overcome self-doubt (defined as Hate). There …

Instagram #2018bestnine vs The True Top 9

Did you download your #2018bestnine? What did you think about it? Does it actually reflect your life in 2018? Here’s another post inspired by the ladies at Crafty Ass Females! They dedicated their last podcast of the year to a recap of an earlier episode regarding the Instagram #2018bestnine, and maybe …

Sunday Lately 2019: Week 1 – Obsessing, Perusing, Praising

On this week’s edition of Sunday Lately 2019: Week 1 is all about obsessing, perusing, and praising. Let’s share, shall we? First, some housekeeping. From Wild & Wanderful: Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe!  We e-hangout every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the past week of …

Word of the Year 2019

I just learned that choosing a Word of the Year (WOTY) is a pretty popular activity! I thought it was just a silly little thing I started doing on my mom’s gentle suggestion in 2017. Nope, turns out it’s a Thing. Like a THING. Even Melinda Gates does it. It …