Sunday Lately 2019: Week 1 – Obsessing, Perusing, Praising

2019 Sunday Lately Week 1: Obsessing, Perusing, Praising

On this week’s edition of Sunday Lately 2019: Week 1 is all about obsessing, perusing, and praising. Let’s share, shall we?

First, some housekeeping. From Wild & Wanderful:

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Obsessing: over finding the perfect bud vase. I had a cute, simple white vase with a fake orange daisy in it that broke in the move. Actually, I knocked it off the table with my big butt. I was trying to maneuver around the mass of boxes in my studio/office and boom! It broke my heart a little, even if it was fake. I bought it back when I had a horrible job and needed something cheery in my office.

This is the currently barely organized chaos…

Sunday Lately 2019 Week 1

Perusing: all the online furniture and rug catalogs I can find. We moved from a semi-carpeted condo into one with nothing but hardwood. The floors are SO COLD. We desperately need a rug under the bed and in the living room. But first, we also need a new couch. The walls aren’t square in there but at weird obtuse angles. The main long wall is 12 feet long, and our old furniture set just doesn’t look right. It looks dwarfed by the room. When we got word the condo was ours, we promised ourselves a huge 3-sided sectional. But finding the right one has been a PITA.

Mid-century modern furniture is all the rage and I HATE IT. My fantasy couch is gigantic without those terrible the tapered wood legs (or worse, hairpin ones—UGH!!). But I wouldn’t mind this one, if I had a fancy house.

Sunday Lately 2019 Week 1

Praising: professional movers. The guys we hired are TOP NOTCH. We used them when we moved in together and they combined two homes into one in less than four hours. It was amazing. This time it took them just over four and a half with only three guys! Still worth every penny! Had we relied on the kindness of non-professionals, I can bet cash-money that at 12:30 pm on Saturday we would have still been loading up the truck…and probably broken a heck of a lot more than my little bud vase.

Instead, we moved on to trying to find my husband’s clothes since he threw them in random boxes, but that’s a story for another time!

Hope you enjoyed this Sunday Lately. What are you doing today, or how did you spend your weekend? Can you believe we’ve made it through the first week of 2019? Share down below!



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Katy McKinley
Jan 6, 2019 11:57 am

Moving is my least favorite task ever. So many hurdles to jump over! I’ve been told so many times at this point that movers are worth the money, so if I ever have to pack up my house again…I’m all over that idea.

Jan 6, 2019 12:01 pm

We are ripping out the carpet and going fully hardwood in our house. I’m already nervous about needing rugs, but wanting to wash them often. I’m planning on bath mats for the sides of our bed. So tacky, but I can toss them in the washer LOL.

Meriel Aho
Jan 6, 2019 5:12 pm

Moving is the worst! Good luck finding the perfect rugs though, I think they’re so much nicer than carpet when you get the right ones!