Sunday Lately 2019: Week 4 – Sharing, Thinking, Redoing

Sunday Lately 2019: In week 4 we're Sharing, Thinking, and Redoing

If you aren’t familiar with what Sunday Lately is, check out my first 2019 post to catch up. A bunch of bloggers do it!

Do you feel like Sunday is the end of the weekend or the start of the new week? For me, it’s the end of the weekend. And even though I don’t have a proper office job to go to on Monday mornings—I just pad out to my studio directly outside the master bedroom, or if I’m feeling super adventurous, all the way down to the kitchen for some tea—I still get a little wistful that the weekend is over.

So to hang on to the feeling of the freewheeling weekend a little longer lets share, think, and redo!


I finally had a friend over to our new home this week. It’s been so long since I was comfortable entertaining in my own space. Our last condo was so…weird. Plus my studio was all over the living room and I didn’t feel like putting it all away for company. So we just never had any.

But now we can! And even though the new couch isn’t in yet (see Redoing below), and it still looks like boxes exploded everywhere, it’s really nice to share my space with friends.


I think I might finally be ready to let the grey take over. There’s a battle between vanity and laziness happening. My husband is 9 years younger, which makes me want to look like a younger wife, right? But he also has more grey hair than I do, so what am I doing covering my roots every 4 weeks?

I don’t know. I hate dyeing my hair…but I also wish I just had a big grey streak like Stacy London. The upkeep on that is probably even worse, right?

Anyway, I’m just thinking about it…


The living room!! Our new 14-foot sectional arrives tomorrow and that means we can finally get rid of our bright red post-college set. The love seat is destined for the den/Ryan’s office but the larger sofa will be passed on to anyone who can come get it out of my house. You can see we have very awkward walls (see how one wall comes out at a weird obtuse angle?), so our furniture was never going to fit properly. And those two FULL boxes plus BBB bag: all donations. We are getting rid of so much crap, Marie Kondo would be SO proud!!

Sunday Lately 4 Sharing Thinking Redoing

Now we get to figure out what wall hangings, coffee table, and area rug will complement the sofa. And what to do about those side tables…

Check out what my fellow bloggers are doing this weekend over at Wild + Wanderful.

Happy Sunday!

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