Month: February 2019


February 2019 Maker Challenges

Hey makers! The master list of all the maker challenges is always up in the menu bar. But if you want the list for just this month’s challenges, here you go! This also includes challenges that are ongoing and those ending this month that may have started earlier in the year. …

3 Easy Ways to Do Round Back Adjustments on Knits

Learning to sew is fun and all, but learning to fit garments is a whole different animal! I’ve mentioned a high round back adjustment in my post about my typical adjustments, but what exactly is one? And what do knits have to do with it? What is a Round Back …
Strong Not Skinny

The Remarkable Power of Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

Continuing on the theme of Accepting Yourself Naked, today’s topic is non-scale victories or NSVs. NSVs are wins and accomplishments that have nothing to do with what the scale says. They can be large or incremental. They aren’t about how much you weigh, they’re about how you feel about yourself. …

Pattern Emporium True Romance Top Pattern Review

The True Romance blouse is my first one from Pattern Emporium, but it was absolutely love at first sight when I found out about it! First, there’s the name. I grew up in the 90s when Christian Slater was the guy all girls swooned over. His movie True Romance was …