Millicent Joy Daisy Halter Top – Pattern Tester Review

Smiling woman wearing a floral halter top with text overlay that reads Millicent Joy Daisy Halter Top Pattern Review, Petite Font dot com

Smiling woman wearing a floral halter top with text overlay that reads Millicent Joy Daisy Halter Top Pattern Review, Petite Font dot com

The Daisy Halter Top is an easy, new spring tank top pattern. Millicent Joy Sewing Patterns is a relatively new pattern company. I helped establish the bodice sizing and then tested one of her first patterns, the Daisy.

And this week is its product launch! You can get your own copy of Daisy for free if you join the Facebook group. Freebies like this are a great way to get to know a new (or merely new-to-you) designer. (Plus some of the pictures for the pattern might be a little familiar after you read this post!)

The pattern is very simple. There are front and back pieces, a facing for each, and a tie (or you can use pre-made ribbon, twill tape, what-have-you). Easy-peasy! There are two versions, one with both pieces on the fold and the other with a seamed back. A seamed back is great for swayback adjustments.

Millicent Joy Daisy Halter TopYellow Daisy halter top on a female figure model

From the website:

The Daisy Tank Top can be made from a variety of woven or stable knit fabrics and can tie either at the back or at the side of the neck.  Use a fabric tie, ribbon, or cording to play with different visual interest with the bow.  The tank top also features a keyhole back.

This tank top is intended to be semi-fitted at the bust, taper in slightly at the waist, and drape at the hips.


Size Chart

The sizing structure for Millicent Joy is a little different. The sizes are not the typical US 0-22 but are numbered 1-12. It ranges from 30-52″ bust (76-124 cm).

Millicent Joy size chart including high bust, bust, waist, and hip measurements in imperial and metric

The pattern listing will tell you to go by your bust measurement since this will flare out over the hips. That put me at 12. However, during testing, we determined that using a high bust measurement instead kept the top from gaping. This was especially true at the higher end of the range. There are instructions for how to adjust this for a full bust and add a dart. You will need to do this for the facing as well.

In the end, a size 10 with a 2″ (5 cm) full bust adjustment fit perfectly!


The pattern recommends are a variety of woven or stable knit fabrics. Testers made this in both woven (mine is in a cotton voile) and knits, so it works for both types of fabric!

PDF Criteria

Here is how the PDF stacks up:

  • Layered sizes: yes
  • Colored lines by size: yes
  • No trim pattern: yes
  • Prints to edge of paper: yes
  • Print layout included: yes, page 1 of the pattern file
  • A0 available: yes

The PDF includes buttons in the corners that overlap on adjacent pages. Cute! Pages are clearly numbered A1, A2, etc across rows, moving to B1, etc on subsequent rows.

Pattern Instructions

The instructions are very easy to follow with full-color line drawings accompanying each step.

Pattern Notions

An optional ribbon for the necktie is suggested. I made my own tie out of self-fabric.

Pattern Adjustments

Front view of a woman wearing sunglasses and a floral halter top

My final tester version was about 3″ shorter and I actually skipped the swayback adjustment! I do have a side bust dart, which is a little too low for the strapless Wonderbra I have on in this picture…I think in subsequent versions I’ll actually turn the facing into a shelf bra anyway, so the dart might be in the right place.

Final Thoughts

Front view of a woman wearing a floral halter top with a plaid hatA halter top isn’t a revolutionary product offering. I actually have a Cynthia Rowley pattern that is very similar (though the necktie is a LOT more complicated in that pattern). But Daisy is an easy pattern that’s perfect for the incoming spring/summer seasons here in the northern hemisphere.

Back view of woman wearing a floral halter top


Side view of a woman wearing a floral halter top

Ignore the uneven hem, that’s the wind blowing.

It looks a little plain from the front, but the back has a cute keyhole detail. And it can easily be hacked into a dress!

Close up of floral Daisy halter top back keyhole opening with ties

Simple, feminine, just what I like! Plus, it’s free!


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