Sunday Lately 2019: Week 15 – Chasing, Ending, Wrapping

It’s been a long while since I participated in a Sunday Lately. My last one was in mid-January and now here we are all the way in week 15!

If you need a refresher for what a Sunday Lately is, check this out.

I do these when I miss a post on the previous week. I used to think of them as penance for missing a day. But it’s also a nice break from trying to write SEO-rich, article-length, Pinterest-friendly blog posts.

These casual posts are more like a personal catch-up. Like when beauty vloggers do a GRWM (get ready with me). There’s no real meaty content, we’re all just having a good time.

And this go-around, Sunday Lately Week 15 is about Chasing, Ending, and Wrapping.


3 race cars parked behind concrete barriers There are cars chasing each other around the Long Beach Grand Prix track this weekend. We’re just a few blocks north of the race, so we only hear a low din of vroom vroom. El Hubo and I went a few years ago and had a great time, but it is LOUD down there on the track.

I also got to walk around it a few days ago. That little jaunt launched my #100DaysofLBC art project for #The100DaysProject. Next year I want to roller skate around it!


I’m ending my commitments to pattern testing now. I somehow jumped on three pattern tests one right after the other so much of March and April have been spent working on someone else’s dreams. I’m back to focusing on what I want to make. Which is a flannel shirt. But you know what else ended this week? Winter.

It’s still a little chilly in the evenings and mornings, so I might tackle a button up shirt soon. But I’m also planning for a trip to Puerto Rico this summer. And you know what that means: time for another travel capsule!



May is full of birthdays in my family. Mine is the 10th and I share that with my nephew. But more importantly, my mom’s birthday AND Mother’s Day both fall within the same week. So I’m working on gifts for her for those two days. I like giving gifts that need to be unwrapped!

What are you looking forward to most this week?


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