Why I’m Opting Out of the Me Made May Challenge

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Me Made May is the brainchild of Zoe from So, Zo What Do You Know? It’s a cool idea!

But this year I’m opting out of Me Made May.

When I first heard about it (or MMMay for short), I thought it was a daily excuse to show off your handmade clothing! If you only know about it through Instagram, it’s an easy mistake to make. That’s what I thought last year when I was quoted in Sew News about it, saying I didn’t have enough handmade garments to last a month.

You CAN make that your challenge. But you don’t have to. Zoe tries to combat this belief with her FAQs, but Instagram doesn’t care. You’ll see a lot of people doing daily #mmmay outfit of the day posts. It dominates the feed. So it’s easy to mistake Me Made May for something along those lines.

The point is actually to make your own pledge that will connect you to your handmade garments. Sure, posting daily outfits can be it. But will that actually make me appreciate my me-made garments or just frustrate me when I realize (once again) that I don’t actually like a lot of what I’ve made (or even still own it)?

I couldn’t come up with a pledge that spoke to where I am with my sewing journey. How do I want to connect with what I’ve made and stretch myself at the same time?

The truth is I haven’t very much loved anything I’ve made so far this year, as evidenced by




Woman wearing black outfit with long grey cardigan and orange knit beret

This is my WTF face

Of course, I learned a lot from each sewing fail. But it’s hurt my sewjo. Why coerce a challenge out of myself when I am just not feeling it?

I could try to make a bunch of new stuff this month, sure. But I hate sewing on a deadline, which is why I’m on a pattern testing break.

It’s also partially why I’ve missed out on a lot of sewing challenges this year. I haven’t actually put effort into entering challenges, unless by happenstance. Obviously, I’m involved in Project Sew My Style, but that’s about it.

Woman in black cocktail dress playing with strand of pearls

Why hello

I’m really okay with this. I like seeing what everyone else is making but it no longer compels me to sew more, or faster, or indulge in patterns or clothing I wouldn’t otherwise care for.

Like, I’m never going to wear a jumpsuit…but in years past I would have sewn one up just to rack up…what? Fake internet points?

I can’t tell you how many unworn garments I have because I opted to participate in sewing challenges that didn’t make any sense for me. It’s a real waste of time, fabric, money, and effort for me if I’m not actually going to use the clothes I make.

That’s just plain stupid, right? Why did I ever do things like that?

So this year for Me Made May I’m going to NOT do it.

And it’s SO liberating!

The sewing community is so very supportive and rallying around global happenings like this is a wonderful way to “meet” new people. It’s very easy to ingratiate oneself into the community by dipping a toe or diving head first into a something like this.

But it’s also equally fine to kick back and watch everyone else from the metaphorical sidelines.

Which is what I’m making the conscious decision to do. I will continue to cheer everyone else on from my perch over on this corner of the internet, but I’m out of the game this season.

I’m listening to my intuition and honoring that feeling of ennui. I don’t want to do this. So I won’t. It’s wonderful to give yourself permission to opt out. File this break under “self-care.”

I feel really good about this. My birthday is in 10 days. For many decades, that what May represented for me. So I’m taking May back. I was made in May, and THAT’s what I’m celebrating this year!

How are you planning to spend your month of May? Are you also opting out of Me Made May, or did you make a pledge? Let me know your plans in the comments!


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