Sunday Lately 2019: Week 22 – Moving, Leaping, Going

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I lied. Last week I told my newsletter subscribers that I would be back to my regular Tuesday/Friday posting schedule and then didn’t do that this week. I even had Friday’s blog post written by Tuesday! It needed a light touch in editing and some photos to round it out when my niece asked if I’d take her on college tours at the end of the week.

That meant the blog took a back seat to ushering the next generation into college mode. And we had a great time! It’s also fun to see college from the other side (17 years post graduation). So instead of getting a Friday post, I got to drive to and from San Diego.

It was fun!


Well, I won’t be doing much “moving” from now on. I’ve been having a hard time lifting lately. In fact, I’ve had to take almost all of 2019 off from squatting due to hip pain, and recently my elbow started hurting during deadlifts. DLs are my absolute favorite lift, so not being able to do them without pain sucks.

The doctor diagnosed me with tendinitis in my arm and a possible labral tear in hip. I’m absolutely not allowed to lift heavy weights until the MRI and physical therapy clear me.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I do NOT have to have hip surgery!!

One of the last times I could squat:


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It feels like just yesterday we eloped in a private ceremony, but leap forward 3 years and suddenly we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary! I hacked the new release of the Orchid Midi to wear to our anniversary dinner. My husband paid me what is quite possibly the greatest compliment ever when he saw me in my dress. He said,

It looks like you bought that at New York & Company!

Coincidentally, the dress I wore when we eloped did come from NY&C0 (I think…). NY&Co used to be my favorite clothing sstore before I learned to sew, so it’s awesome that he thinks my handmade stuff fits right in with that aesthetic.

Woman leaning against a pole smiling while tugging at a man's tie as he smiles back at her


To college! My niece is absolutely sure she doesn’t want to go to school nearby (I felt the exact same way), so we moseyed our way down the So Cal coast to check out colleges outside the immediate radius. It was fun to have a girls-only road trip. We saw some schools, had some eats, and then settled into our hotel room with face masks and girl power movies.

This is the foamy face mask snap I sent my husband that night. Why do all face masks make you look insane and murdery? Even the pink ones! I’m sure it gave Ryan nightmares…

Woman staring at camera wearing a pink face mask

How was your week? Did you move, leap, or go? Join the link up and share your week’s experiences!

And I promise I’ll be back on a normal schedule soon!

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Catherine McGuinness
Jun 2, 2019 10:52 am

Oh my goodness that face mask! You’re right, they always look scary!

Yay for SoCal and San Diego! I lived there in high school and still love it.

Jun 6, 2019 11:35 am

I think making us look creepy is one of the points of wearing masks. I am so jealous of your sewing skills, God bless you!