Month: July 2019


2019 Best Summer Dress Patterns for Woven Fabric

The best summer dresses are light and airy. That means that the best summer dress patterns for wovens are made with lightweight and airy fabrics. The summer heat is definitely upon us. Despite living in Southern California and growing up in the infamous San Fernando Valley, I hate heat. This …

3 Lessons Learned from The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project finally ended this last week. Did I end my art project with a whimper or a bang? And what did I learn? What is this 100 days thing? The 100 Day Project is a self-driven opportunity to explore your own creativity. It’s free and there are …

July 2019 Maker Challenges

Bienvenidos Makers! Welcome to the monthly challenges list. The continually updated master list of all the maker challenges is always up in the menu bar. But if you want the list for just July’s challenges, here you go! This also includes challenges that are ongoing (recently updated!!) and those ending this …

Hacking the Pattern – McCall’s 6744, Part 2

A year ago I posted about a McCall’s 6744 hack that in itself was already 8 months old at the time. It was a racerback tank top hack of View A/B I’d made in early 2017. It’s now summer 2019. And I just remembered I never posted Part 2 of …

The Liebster Award & 7 Bloggers to Discover

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! Up until I randomly stumbled on a backlink this weekend, I had no idea that a Liebster Award existed or what it was. But it turns out that bloggers nominate bloggers and then they answer a bunch of questions and we all get …