Month: August 2019


7 Surprising Facts about Puerto Rico

Still sporting a tan from my Caribbean vacation last week, I’d figure I’d share what might be some surprising facts about Puerto Rico. It was my first time visiting PR and I shouldn’t have been dumbfounded by some of these facts. I mean, I knew #3 since I’ve always found …

August 2019 Maker Challenges

Hola makeristas! Coming to you live from my vacation in Puerto Rico, here are the August 2019 maker challenges. The continually updated master list of all the maker challenges is always up in the menu bar. But if you want the list for just August’s challenges, here you go! This also includes challenges …

Why the Online Sewing Community is Awesome

If you’re a sewing blogger or even a casual reader of this blog I trust you already know that the sewing community is awesome. Dare, I say, it enriches the home sewist. Still, some people think otherwise. So I put this together as a response to a post on Medium titled …