Month: July 2020


Throw Out Your Disgusting Old Lipstick!

Did you know that old lipstick carries germs? Did you know you should throw it out after a certain amount of time has passed? Does it pain you to do that because you love lipstick and hate seeing it go to waste? But do you really want bacteria-laden lipstick smeared …

Game Day Jersey for Him

The Love Notions Game Day Jersey was one of May’s Sew My Style two featured patterns. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple so I was excited to make a couple of these for both me and Ryan. And clearly the pictures were taken back in May, too. Hence the lumberjack beard …

Sunday V-Neck Pattern Review

The Sunday V-neck is a raglan pattern from Friday Pattern Company. And it’s free! Another great thing about this pattern is that it’s a unisex tee (another unisex pattern from Friday Pattern Co!). It’s made for a 2-inch (5 cm) bust vs high bust difference, so you might need a …