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The Seamstress Tag: All About Petite Font

The seamstress tag has been floating around YouTube for a while, but there’s no reason a non-video blogger can’t answer! Plus, given recent events, it’s difficult for me to put content together right, much less make anything original. Answering questions is pretty straightforward, though. I’ve done this same kind of …

The ZOZO Suit: Crash & Burn

The ZOZO suit crashed and burned very fast. It was a pretty good idea. The Japan-based company developed a digital platform to create bespoke clothing. Bespoke (or custom made) clothing is exceptionally expensive because of the precision fit. Ever heard of Savile Row? Probably not if you don’t pay thousands …

May 2019 Maker Challenges

Hey Makers! Welcome to the monthly challenges. The continually updated master list of all the maker challenges is always up in the menu bar. But if you want the list for just May’s challenges, here you go! This also includes challenges that are ongoing (recently updated!!) and those ending this …

Thread Theory Finlayson Sweater – Pattern Review

Finlayson has a Nordic heritage so it’s no wonder that the Thread Theory Finlayson sweater is a cozy garment. It’s perfect for protecting against those cold winters. Thread Theory is one of the few menswear-focused pattern companies around. Hailing from Canada, they aren’t exclusively menswear pattern makers, they definitely have …

Millicent Joy Daisy Halter Top – Pattern Tester Review

The Daisy Halter Top is an easy, new spring tank top pattern. Millicent Joy Sewing Patterns is a relatively new pattern company. I helped establish the bodice sizing and then tested one of her first patterns, the Daisy. And this week is its product launch! You can get your own …

6 Unlikely Sewing Tools

We all probably have random items around the house that qualify as unlikely sewing tools. There are plenty of articles written on the importance of sewing gadgets, from the most basic to some obscure ones. Those gizmos are all specifically made for the art and science of sewing. What about …