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The Seamstress Tag: All About Petite Font

The seamstress tag has been floating around YouTube for a while, but there’s no reason a non-video blogger can’t answer! Plus, given recent events, it’s difficult for me to put content together right, much less make anything original. Answering questions is pretty straightforward, though. I’ve done this same kind of …

Free Heidi Day Dress – Pattern Review

One of my favorite designers, The Wearable Studio, just released their Heidi Day dress. Better yet, it’s free if you join their mailing list. I actually tested the pattern for Mel because obvs. I told myself I was going to take time away from pattern testing after the superhero Oliver, …

Pattern Emporium True Romance Top Pattern Review

The True Romance blouse is my first one from Pattern Emporium, but it was absolutely love at first sight when I found out about it! First, there’s the name. I grew up in the 90s when Christian Slater was the guy all girls swooned over. His movie True Romance was …

Read This Book: Create or Hate by Dan Norris

Create or Hate: Successful People Make Things is a very quick, how-to book for unlocking creativity. At 104 pages, it’s divided into 4 chapters and easy enough to finish in one afternoon. The central theme is that to be a successful creator, you must overcome self-doubt (defined as Hate). There …
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2018 Year in Review

The 2018 year in review is going to be different than 2017’s. Last year I had a review of only my wins. For 2018 I want to review the misses AND the wins. But instead of calling them “fails,” I’m going to think of them as “course corrections.” I was …

How to Shorten Yoga Pants in only 10 Minutes

Hemming pants is one of the least fun things when it comes to sewing alterations. But to shorten yoga pants to a functional cropped length is so easy I can’t believe I waited so long to do it! I’m not at the point yet where I trust myself to make …