Yellow blob behind text that reads "hack into your inner maker: unleash your unlimited creativity"

Want to learn how to hack into your inner maker and unleash your unlimited creativity?

Ever felt like a part of you is missing?

Ever uttered the words “I’m not creative.”

That’s a lie!

What if I told you that the “missing” part of you is your inherent creativity? Everyone has creative magic inside them.


And by tapping into this part of yourself that’s been dormant all this time, you can achieve the most amazing version of yourself:

Woman in a light blue suit pointing at the camera

Gain confidence

Hand crushing an egg

Crush intimidation

Lioness roaring

Confront your fears

and so much more!

Join me for a FREE master class in learning how to access this.

Hack into your inner maker, and become the most inspired version of yourself. Find your super hero.

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In this FREE masterclass, we’ll go over

  • my simple 5-point plan for hacking into your inner maker
  • how to find creative inspiration wherever you are
  • why this is so important to your future self—and future employment!

There are TWO times to choose from.

Pick the one that works best for your schedule. And if you think you can’t make it to either, that’s okay. Register anyway and have the replay sent directly to you!

Hack Into Your Inner Maker
on Thursday, March 18 @ 5 pm PDT

This class has passed

Hack Into Your Inner Maker
on Friday, March 19 @ 12 pm PDT

Curly haired Latina woman in sunglasses and a floral Sangria Misty Cami dress holding a glass filled with sangria. Text overlay reads

Hi, I’m Paulette

I drink and I sew things, and created #MakerHappyHourLive on Instagram because EVERYONE is a maker.

If you don’t believe that, you’ve bought into a lie.

But we’re going to fix that, don’t you worry!