Hi! I’m Paulette Erato, the irreverent voice behind Petite Font. Paulette Erato in handmade True Bias Lander shorts

After a career in managing events and corporate planning, I’ve taken my skill for herding cats and transformed it into creating beautiful things.

I live in the Greater Los Angeles area with my husband and our one plant, a wild Spanish oregano that grows like a weed and is named Sporegano.

I drink and I sew things, so you can expect to see posts about that a lot. I also support social justice programs, such as Black Lives Matter.

If you’d like to get in touch, send me an email at hello AT petitefont DOT com.

The Petite Font Maker Manifesto

We are ALL a work in progress. My goal is to inspire you to make yourself a the most excellent version of yourself.

I vehemently believe that everyone is a maker, yes even YOU. And I’m going to lead you on this awesome journey of post-40s self-discovery to help you find your inner maker. Your inner badass.

I know they’re in there!

To this end, I created #MakerHappyHourLive on Instagram. Come chat with me live on Thursday nights.


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