Paulette Erato in handmade True Bias Lander shorts

Hi! I’m Paulette Erato, the irreverent voice behind Petite Font. 

As a curly-haired childfree dirty-mouthed Latina who loves subverting stereotypes, I’m here to inspire other childfree women of color over 40 to become the most creative versions of themselves through DIY fashion and food.

I live in the Greater Los Angeles area with my husband and our one plant. In my free time, I drink and I sew things (and if you recognize the quote from Game of Thrones, then extra internet points for you!)

Petite Font is for makers: this where ordinary people become extraordinary makers! 

EVERYONE is a maker and I’m here to prove to people who say “I’m not creative” are merely suffering from limiting beliefs that I’ll inspire you to smash through.

We are all makers, yes even you. 

For more inspiration, follow me on Instagram or over on I post different projects in different locations, and I’d love to see what you make too!

Want help managing your stash? Swipe my free Fabric Inventory sheet by signing up below. And check out how I use it in my own sewing space on The Do’s and Don’ts of Fabric Storage.

White sheet with 15 sections for cataloging fabric

If you’d like to get in touch, send me an email at hello AT petitefont DOT com.

Ready for some inspiration? Check out the Maker Challenges list or hop on over to the blog to see the stuff I make:



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