Month: September 2020


Noom: What to Expect in Your First 30 Days

Noom has been all over the tv ads lately. And with the pandemic practically eliminating gym workouts, maybe you’re wondering if it’s for you. So here’s a Noom review with what to expect in the first 30 days. What is Noom? Noom is an app-based lifestyle program designed to help …

Simplicity 1108 Robe Pattern Review

I’ve owned the beginner-friendly sewing pattern Simplicity 1108 for a few years now. In fact, remember the Bat Dress (Simplicity 8091)? I bought them at the same time, way back in 2017! What both of these Simplicity patterns have in common is that they are listed as Misses’ Kimonos. L’sigh. …

15+ Best At-Home Date Night Ideas

At-home date night ideas are crucial especially right now. While so many of us are stuck at home during the pandemic, getting out of a routine with your partner is important for keeping a relationship fresh. This is true even for natural homebodies. As much as I love my husband …