The SMS20 leadership is comprised of a diverse group of intermediate to advanced sewists with unique influence in the online sewing world. 

Leaders will post several times throughout the year and were responsible for helping choose the patterns and sponsors for 2020. We also have a team of featured bloggers and YouTubers this year that bring their own unique spin on each pattern they will make. 

Please give them all a follow!

Paulette, SMS20 Coordinator

Hi, I’m Paulette Erato. I drink and I sew things. Want to know more? You’re actually on my blog right now, so you can go to my About Me page. You really want to know more about the fabulous people leading the challenge with me this year, so scroll on down to learn more about them!

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Blogger WinMichele standing in a tank and jeans looking off camera

Michelle, Leader

Hi, I’m Michele from the desert landscapes of Arizona. I’m a mother and a wife. I have a passion for sewing and want to explore all thing creative. What makes me happy about sewing is not just the needle and thread but the math behind it. So much that I enrolled as a pattern-making student at my local college. I document my journey through this creative world while stitching my dreams to life. 

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Blogger Minna posing with her arm around a dressmaker mannequin

Minna, Leader

Nice to meet you! My name is Minna, and I’m the person running The Shapes of Fabric. I started this blog about two years ago to have a place where I could share my knowledge of pattern making.

In real life, I’m a freelance patternmaker with a background in the jewelry branch. I’m originally from Finland but been living in Italy for over 10 years already.

Pattern making is definitely my thing. I’m grateful to have a chance to help and inspire other people to learn this craft, too. Whether it’s drafting patterns from scratch or just modifying existing patterns. I’m excited to be a part of #SMS2020 team!

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Blogger Carol in a white turtleneck with hands in her pockets

Carol, Leader

Although some of you know me over on Instagram as @Chatterstitch, in real life and Facebook I’m Carol! Carol without an e as my dad forgot when he went to register me as a baby! Although I love to travel, I’ve lived in the glorious county of Yorkshire, England my whole life. Where I love all things crafty (particularly dressmaking) but also Gin, Coffee, and Chocolate!

I’ve been sewing since before I can remember, originally taught by my mum and school but recently much more inspired by the fabulous community on Instagram and Facebook! There’s nothing I love more than to sew, share my makes (and yours!). So don’t be shy, please tell me all about your makes!

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Blogger Julian in a bright turquoise and orange shirt

Julian, Leader

My name is Julian Collins a 30-something black queer male sewist from Cincinnati Ohio. In my day job, I work in community outreach for a regional philanthropy organization but outside of work I’m the person behind Julian Creates and the group Sew “Manly” on Facebook. I have always been fascinated by sewing but took a serious leap into the craft almost 4 years ago.  My focus is mainly menswear but have sewn a variety of items.  I just love the concept of turning a flat fabric into wearable art.

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Blogger Aaronica in a sleeveless floral dress and black hat

Aaronica, Leader

Aaronica Cole is an ex-Gordon Gartrell designer gone mainstream who’s been sewing most of her life. After falling out of love with sewing at the ripe old age of 13, she fell back in love at 30 and hasn’t stopped since. You can find her building her wardrobe with everyday basics with a dope spin on them and avoiding directions from patterns when she’s not hacking them to be something unique. Follow her threads at

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Blogger Ari with bright aqua hair and a striped black and white shirt

Ari, Leader

Hello! I’m Ari and I’m on a slow evolving quest to be the most colourful person I know. I’m from Australia (near Brisbane!) and I’m the mum of three amazing kids who constantly inspire me and age me at the same time. I’m inspired by 90s pop culture, sailor moon, kpop, street fashion and my current dream is to learn men’s tailoring! I’m always tired but always thinking of things I want to create!

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Sarah, Featured Blogger

Hi! My name is Sarah, and my pronouns are she/her.

I sew a lot. I enjoy making all sorts of things. I very much use sewing as therapy. In the last few years, I have ventured into sewing things outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I even wear those things! Sew My Style has really helped me with this. I am currently wearing a tracksuit that is not very me, but totally me. When SMS made the Myosotis Dress I never dreamed I would look good in it, BUT I made 2 and wear them as often as possible in the summer.

I started sewing as a child. I quit in early adulthood, but I decided a few years ago I needed to start again. Clothes have become armor. The days I can roll into work at 100% homemade, I feel invincible. Oh, not really, but good enough!

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Laura, Featured Vlogger

Hi! I’m Laura a.k.a The Specky Seamstress and I live in a sleepy Hampshire village in the UK.  I gave up the big city ratrace in summer 2018 and dedicated my regained commute time to finally learning to sew.  The online sewing community made the hobby stick and cut a long story short I now have fabric, patterns and sewing plans coming out of my ears (and sewing room!).  Its just too exciting being able to make clothes that fit and show my personality. I chat all about it over on my YouTube channel that I started this year and can often be found dancing around in me-made underwear over there! I’m really excited to be taking part in SMS20.  

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Shelby, Featured Blogger

Hi, I’m Shelby from Kansas City, Mo, heart of the midwest. I’ve been sewing for about 3 years, Instagramming makes and blogging for about 2. I got into sewing as a creative hobby a bit different than what I do day-to-day as an elementary art teacher. Before that I was painting quite a bit. I love teaching myself something new and bringing something to life from nothing. I’m excited to be joining the team for September.

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Florence, Featured Blogger

Hi, I am Florence a born & bred New Yorker living in Pennsylvania. 

I am mom to Silas (teen) & twin tweens Lila & Carolyn  (Cary). Yes please send wine  & chocolate for my sanity lol.

I am a modern Renaissance women with fingers in many pies from writing, singing, baking, acting and sewing.

I got into sewing as a creative and therapeutic outlet in March 2017 and never looked back. 

I love colors and tend to let the fabric (bases and prints) tell a story and mood.

I’m excited to share my ideas and makes you all showing a women of color who is plus size, over 45 year old mom confident in her curves and narrative. You can follow my journey as I sew for me and my kids on Instagram:


Image of blonde woman in sleeveless blouse and pink pants holding flowers against shrubs

Kelsey, Featured Blogger

Kelsey is a digital marketing consultant and DIY blogger. She taught herself how to sew in high school so she could recreate ready to wear clothes without the price tag. For years she sewed on and off but picked the hobby back up shortly after her son was born. In her free time, she’s catching up on her favorite shows, sewing, writing, & trying to learn new crafting skills. You can find her on Instagram @seamlinedliving and her blog.

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Dark haired woman in a pink dress with her hand in her pocket

Kris, Featured Vlogger

Hello!  My name is Kris aka SewNotes on Instagram and YouTube!  I started sewing in early 2017 while I was pregnant so that I could one day hopefully sew my future child’s Halloween costumes.  My grandmother used to sew my Halloween costumes as a kid so I wanted to carry on that tradition for my own little family! 

Sewing is not only my creative outlet, it is also an outlet for the deep grief that I continue to experience with the loss of my father in 2017.  Sewing has definitely helped me through some dark days.  Sewing allows me to discover my unique style through sewing various garments, bags and quilts.  I enjoy blogging about my makes and most recently I found a love for vlogging about my sewing makes as well!   

When I’m not sewing, you can catch me running around playing blocks and hide and go-seek with my 2 year old daughter and husband!

I’m really excited for what Paulette has planned for us this year with Sew My Style!  Looking forward to June! 

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Woman with glasses in a sleeveless striped shirt and grey pleated skirt with one hand in her pocket and the other behind her head.

Simone, Featured Blogger

Hi everyone! I’m Simone AKA Intensely Distracted. I’m a mom of 2 from Utah and a self-taught sewist. I officially started my handmade wardrobe in 2018 in an effort to do more of what makes me happy. That’s when I discovered Sew My Style which really helped me discover different styles and patterns. It’s been a wonderful journey finding what makes me happy and growing as a sewist and I’d love to see new sewists join in. After having the opportunity to be a Sew My Style leader in 2019, I’m super excited to be back as a featured blogger and can’t wait to see all the wonderful makes and new faces this year!

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