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Creating a Family Coquito Recipe

Originally published Dec 2020, updated for 2021. Being Puerto Rican on my father’s side, the one thing I know Puerto Ricans love at Christmas time is coquito. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone has a family recipe. Except me! When I asked around no one actually had a …
Drink Recipes

Sangria: Adult Fruit Punch

Sangria is a cheap and easy drink to make at home. All you need is red wine, brandy, some carbonation, and fruits and you’ll have a delicious wine cocktail that’s just like fruit punch—for adults! Want to skip the history lesson? Jump to the Recipe. Sangria means blood in Spanish. …
Drink Recipes

The Sweet Dirty Martini – An Obscure Cocktail

Why is the sweet dirty martini an obscure cocktail? Because I made it up! Or so I thought!* Even if I didn’t, I have yet to ever find a bartender who knows how to make it without me dictating the ingredients. Go ahead and Google it. The first and only sweet …